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Retail Store Manager   


 Before I had my Soul Life contract charted, I had difficulty speaking my truth in a confident yet gentle manor, I had fear of accepting challenges or new opportunities that were not in my comfort zone and I had problems forming close relationships with people. There were so many "little" things that had piled up for so long, I started to take for granted that my life was limited and there was nothing I could do about it.

     My number frequencies were mapped out and Sara helped me understand how to find my self confidence through trusting my life experiences and I began believing in myself. Her insight has encouraged me to work through the blocks that have kept me away from my artistic expressions. She guided me through and on an adventure to a safe and meaningful connections with friends and family.

     Through my Soul mapping experience, I have learned that I am worthy of great joy, happiness and success. I  was encouraged not to put limits on myself, my dreams or my goals. I have come to accept that change is "growth" and I now give myself permission to ask for things that I need, both at work and in my relationships.

     As a long term result of my work with Sara, my whole body...heart feels lighter and I am open to new opportunities. I feel more involved and connected to life. I enjoy a freedom from my feelings of insecurity and low self worth and my relationships with friends and family have become genuine and caring.

     Sara's reading helped me look at my life in a new and positive perspective. It has helped me to gain insight in my past, present and future. Sara keeps the language simple to understand yet delves into the deep mysteries of life. It's like she has a crystal ball inside of her. I am looking forward to a deep and rich connection with myself as more is revealed.                 

                                                                                        Susan Porter

                                                                                        from Sedona, AZ



Three years ago, early in my sobriety, a friend of mine recommended that I come to you for a Chart Reading & Guidance.

At the time, my life was shrouded through guilt, past disappointments and grief after losing several family members. I felt alone in this world and disconnected to my Souls Purpose & passion.

Your reading gave me hope and reawakened parts of myself that I hadn’t been in touch with. At the time, I couldn’t conceive the beautiful life that you described waiting for me to accept & welcome. . A part of me resonated so deeply with your truth and I believe it sparked a light onto my path when all I could see was darkness.

I’m writing 3 years later to tell you that everything you told me has come true.

I have confidence within myself and the connection with Source has healed My relationships with my husband & daughter. I started an amazing career, made some health changes, dusted off my art studio and started painting again but most important I catapulted my spiritual evolution. I still have a long way to go.

I’m excited to start your 90 Day Program in March. Thank You for accepting me in your enrollment.

Marleen Montano

Sunnyvale, Ca.


  Hotel Maintenance Engineer


     There had been many events occurring in my life that were causing uncomfortable twists, turns and changes that had been a source of confusion  for me and I had suffered a lack of clarity for the purpose of them in my past and present situation and I needed some insight on what was going on so I could prevent them from spilling into my future. I asked Sara to map out my Soul Life contract with hope that light could be shed on my current predicament. Sara was able to pinpoint, clarify and explain with almost exact precision when and why these things started and continued to happen to me and what I needed to know in order to change the direction I was headed in.

      What I have learned about myself is that there was a reason I had to go through certain circumstances in order to learn a specific lesson and until we could pinpoint what those lessons were, I was doomed to repeat self defeating behavior. I know now through the explanation of my number frequencies that I have certain predispositions, and that they can be my strengths and not my weaknesses if I choose to make some changes in my perspective. I was able to locate important areas and timelines in my life that served as mile markers and it was vital that I take note of these and understand my alternatives. Sara explained to me that I have many abilities, gifts and potentials that I had not been developing and she was right. She encouraged me to polish up on aspects of myself that I had hidden or forgot about.. Although she gave me many tools to work with, she pointed out that the directions that I choose to face in my future will be entirely up to me to choose. I am grateful for all the new information from Sara's charting and personalized reading because I now have so much more insight.

        I am enjoying the comfort of having all of my previous uncomfortable circumstance finally explained to me through my Soul Life contract. The mapping out of the important areas of my life have been covered and I fully understand my part in the drama of life and I am taking responsibility for cleaning up any damage I might I have caused. I have a sense of peace that I have not experienced in a long time since my "questions" no longer zap my energies , take up space in my mind and soul. I have found  a new freedom above the third and fourth  explored lower dimensions and am now feeling and being catapulted  from the information presented to me by Sara, into the 5th dimension

Sara was amazing! Insightful, fully present, wise and understanding!

The Chart and information that it revealed was and remains mind-blowing!  She answered all the questions I had about the chart with patience and a clear knowledge.

Thank you Sara for giving me the opportunity to touch and live in the 5th Dimension!

                                                                                                                                                     Scott Hendren

                                                                                                                                                Santa Barbara, Calif.



  I had a promising career as a paralegal & I was working 10 hours a day until a freak accident laid me off for a few weeks. During this period of rest and reflection, I realized that I wasn't happy in my current occupation, I was unfulfilled in my romantic relationship and I clearly lacked spiritual guidance.

    I saw Sara's advertisement on Face Book and read her article in "Law of Attraction" magazine and I booked an appointment with her right away. My Soul Life contract was mapped out in 11 areas and my number frequencies clearly showed that although I was good at my current job, I wasn't utilizing my innate gifts of communication and intuition. I had been wanting to start my own business that would allow me to practice my abilities but I needed this guidance to encourage me to make the necessary changes in my life. This would allow me the opportunity to develop my skills in self expression and intuition. My chart also showed me that I would be good at working with children and this is exactly what I wanted to do! I was thrilled with the possibility of working in a field that allowed me to use my intuition and be of service to children.

       Because of my chart and reading with Sara, I had the courage to quit my job and start my new career doing what I love to do. I also learned that I had been repeating old behaviors in my relationships with men. My number frequencies pointed to childhood experiences that need to be healed around abandonment and rejection and until I took the time and energy to heal and clear my past, my present and future relationships were doomed to repeat themselves. Sara encouraged me to meditate, raise my frequencies and listen to my dreams and intuition and not to ignore them anymore. She gave me helpful resources to continue my growth in spiritual development. She confirmed that I have intuitive and psychic abilities that need the opportunity to be explored in order for me to learn how to follow my own inner guidance. 

     Sara is truly gifted. She knew things about me that were astonishingly accurate and true. She helped me understand why my life crumbled when it did and what I needed to do in order to move forward with confidence. I was not only pleased with my Soul Life contract and reading but I encouraged my co-worker & new business partner to get his chart read also so that we could learn how to support each other on our life journey together.



  Reiki Master & Author    

I was going through several transitions in my life & had been looking for Spiritual guidance. I searched for this information through many different modalities and wasn't quite satisfied with what I found. I was very interested in the Egyptian Numerology because I had never heard of it before and I wondered if maybe it could give me some answers that I had been waiting for.

     Through my Charting/Reading with Sara, I learned how powerful I really am and that my innate abilities and gifts are serving other people on our planet. I was surprised to see how far I've evolved through my Soul Journey. This reading encouraged me by exploring specific insights that I was not aware of and confirmed that although I don't always feel like I'm on the right path, I've stayed  on my course and I am now excited to continue with some dreams and goals that I was ready to give up on. It has challenged me to focus deeper into self-awareness and examine many areas of my life that need attention in order create a mutual balance. 

     This reading was better than any other numerology report I've had done either through something online or with another person. It was a wonderful experience to read and absorb and gave me a better clarity regarding my trials, tribulations and triumphs!!! I recommend this chart reading for anyone who is on a spiritual path, delving into self awareness or ready to unveil their soul life contract.


Love, Light & Peace,

Deborah Murphy

Sedona, AZ.





 Author of Two Books 


Since I have already lived most of my life (I'm 80 years old), the results of the chart  that Sara prepared for me showed an amazing correlation to the arc of my life, from childhood to the present. The science and art of Egyptian Numerology as practiced by Sara and presented in my chart proved to be accurate and insightful.

     This Reading also offered me a perspective on my Soul Urge, Soul Path, and Personality that I had not considered, revelations that will enhance my work and my relationships with others as I go forward.

     Sara is an extraordinary gifted em-path with an impressive intellect and sweet spirit. Her intuitive abilities added to her extensive knowledge of charting, make her readings broader, deeper and more holistic.

Working with her is inspiring, instructive, and fun. A joyous experience! 


 Helen Delaney

Sedona, Az



Never too Old ADD.JPG

Forever Grateful, Christy Hindes

Flagstaff, AZ


I have to admit that I was very curious about Egyptian Numerology and wondered if it could give some tools, insights and strategy in order to navigate my current life situations including occupation, relationships and personal self awareness. 

    I learned that my biggest challenge is staying "focused". I have a lot of energy & I am an energy worker. It is important for me stay grounded, believe in my dreams but start building from the ground up. I leaned that my Life Path is the Master Number 22/4 and this is a powerful frequency to have in a birth chart. I am extremely creative and I need to find positive outlets to express my creativity and intuition. There was so much useful information in my chart/reading and I refer to often. It is a constant reminder of who I really am and what I am capable of doing and being.

I recommend a chart reading from Sara to provide others with a strategic tool to assist with navigating their future.             Jeannie Yancer

                                                        Cornville, AZ


The Isolating Issues I was presented with before starting my Journey with Egyptian Numerology Charting, were the need to understand why my previous life path was so challenging for me. I also have always had a strong desire to be of service in one capacity or another and I was curious to know why. Probably my most stressing issue was to have a better understanding of my intuitive abilities and how best to apply them in my everyday life. 

     In my reading with Sara, we touched on all three of my challenges and we went into detail with more depth so I had a better understanding of who I am on a Soul Level, what my Soul Life Purpose is and fine tuned my direction going forward in life.

     My chart/reading gave me validation of my intuitive abilities and a  clear through explanation of how I can use them to empower myself and follow through with my life goals and dreams. 



           Psychologist in Behavior Management

 I am a spiritual oriented person and am always seeking for a deeper meaning to life.

I reached out to Sara   and  Egyptian Numerology to have my Soul Life Agreement mapped out

and read to me. Specifically, it   addressed all of my concerns from the perspective out of the 5th 

 Dimension meaning that all of my challenges   in the areas of relationships, financial and family issues were viewed from a higher standard. It gave me an   over-all picture of what my life could possibly look like if I raised my frequencies and started living more from   my heart.

     I have been involved previously with traditional numerology and it never covered my life in this manner. I   was surprised to get this new information and I definitely received a deeper acknowledgment of who I truly   am as a person and more importantly, who I am as a Spiritual Being. This reading gave me much to reflect on especially about how I can more  fully become who I truly am and some of the barriers and blocks that I need to release to allow this all to happen.        


Buddhist Advocate

Higher Standard.PNG

I'm  Truly Blessed,

Dr. Sandra Ritter

Concord, N.C.

Thank You, Carol Millar

Sedona, AZ

     I am a Buddhist advocate and I have been a follower most of my life. A friend of mine gave me the book "Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the 5th Dimension and I was fascinated with the read and I couldn't put the book down. I found the contents of the book in alignment with my core truths and values.

     Three years ago, I came under some unfortunate events that changed the course of my life and I found myself homeless and with out work. I was living a sort of gypsy lifestyle and often at the mercy of my friends and family. Although, at times it was convenient, it left an uncertainty that was very uncomfortable.

When a set of circumstances lined up and I was able to get a Chart/Reading with Sara, it gave me some much needed clarity, direction and most of all the ingredient of Hope that I so desperately needed.

     With her assistance, I was able to re-establish my deep seeded abilities and I saw the necessity of raising my frequencies to change my circumstances. This process was almost instantaneous and within a few weeks, I was clear enough to make the necessary life changes to bring balance and peace back into my life. 

I reconnected with my psychic abilities and now am employed in prestigious work that helps others. She told me this would happen but I was a little skeptical at the beginning. This type of reading/program that she offers is profound on many different levels if you are open and ready to receive. I am fortunate that I was at the right place, at the right time and with the right person. Thank you Sara!


                                                      Karen Duncan

                                                       Ontario, Canada


Chef & Catering


 Sara just Freaking AMAZES me. She did my chart and I was blown away. So Worth It! Let me say, I am also a skeptic of charting and this kind of stuff, but everything she said was dead on. The information she provided me has been so practical and relevant since I had it done. 

     The accuracy is astounding. The information is so in-depth. Sara knows her stuff  and will be able to deliver the information in such an understandable and relative way. I am so grateful. to have met her. Sara, you are a gem of a Human Being! Thank you!


                                                                          Taylor Dean

                                                                         Cottonwood, AZ.

I’ve learned that great things in my life happen in 3’s, so when I bought your book in a book store while on vacation, saw a flyer for your upcoming workshop & was referred to you for a Chart reading by a friend in a matter of 3 days, I knew that I better pay attention.

It was a blessing to meet you in person and have my Chart Reading. I was amazed at the accuracy and insightfulness brought through my reading. Since I’m in the midst of my 2nd Saturn Return, I feel specifically directed to obtain new information regarding the direction to take with my life goals

I’ve been a student of Gregg Braden and just finished an intensive online program but I knew instantly that I would benefit from your 90 Day Program.

You told me the momentum of your program would bring unexpected results but I could not have dreamed or imagined the type of progress I have already made.

Layers upon layers of walls I had built around myself (mostly my heart) have been peeled away, leaving me vulnerable & exposed. Puts a new meaning to the “peeling of the onion”.

I am grateful that you run your own program and not one of those that advertises and then hands me off to work with someone else.

You were there to gently put me back together to represent my true & authentic being. What amazing work you do!!!

The energy that I am moving forward to create my goals are really in alignment with my passion & purpose. I have respect & know the benefits of understanding my Soul Life Agreement. I wish I had this information sooner but like you said, “Everything is in Divine Timing”. I believe this to be true!

Namaste 🙏

Georgia White

Houston, Texas


Great things happen in 3s ADD.PNG







I enrolled in the Egyptian Numerology 90 Day Mentor-ship Program because I had just experienced a difficult time which I describe as the “Dark Night of the Soul”. After this episode, I had an awakening and I needed some direction. I was afraid that I might fall back into the darkness if I didn’t take action by getting clarity and understanding regarding my Soul Life Agreement.

I specifically wanted to connect with guidance of a Higher Vibration, set up a daily spiritual routine and discover my Soul Life Purpose and the unique gifts that I brought into this lifetime. I was very drawn to Sara Bachmeier and Egyptian Numerology. The information resonated with me and I followed through my intuition by enrolling in her Mastery Program.

Sara started out by conducting a Private Chart Reading which located my specific abilities and potential but because I have four children at home, she gave me some ideas that assisted me in developing a daily spiritual routine that worked for my busy lifestyle. She introduced me to my spirit guides and helped me understand the different guides that work with me and their divine purposes. Sara helped me realize my gifts and showed me how to develop them. She taught me how my abilities can help assist in following through with my Soul Life Purpose.

Because I am an Empath, it was important that I learned about my energy and the energy of others and how to tell the difference. I am now able clear my energy and the energy of those that I love. I am currently living with clear intentions and doing the spiritual work that brings positive realizations on how to conduct a more meaningful life. I am connected to spirit daily and raising my energy field through specific meditations and using the tools that I learned.

Seriously, everyone needs to work on themselves all the time. We can easily get stuck in the dense parts of the material world. I recommend that you do the work so you can live a Purposeful Life.

Love, Annee Thao

San Francisco, Calif.

Over Qualified Add.JPG



I’ve am a light worker and healer and have been for 11 years. Before I started the 90 Day Mentor-ship Program with Egyptian Numerology, I was caught in a loop of not feeling qualified enough in the healing field and taking expensive courses to get more certifications.

I was referred to Egyptian Numerology by a fellow graduate and I am grateful for Divine Timing.

It was reassuring to relate with someone on a soul level and absorb information that pertains to my Life Purpose by receiving confirmation in the direction I feel called to serve.

Shortly after I started the Program, my confidence increased, and Sara showed me that my continuous need for certifications was just a symptom of my fear to believe and accept that I am overqualified in my field and it is time to open my own business.

I took some painful steps to clear my Karmic debts and pinpoint areas in my life that needed to be re-programmed. I was given many useful tools to raise my energy field and fine tune my connection with my Spirit Guides. We mapped out a plan to organize my business around my family’s needs and start to generate the income that I had been longing for.

 I am truly excited for the first time in ages to get started on my life and all the miracles, synchronicity and success that I am finally able to grasp.


Thank you, Karen Goldman

New York

New Beginings Add.JPG




My “Calling” came to me a little later in life. I was inspired to take your 90 Day Mentor-ship Program after attending the 4 week course you taught last year called the “Harvest Years” at the Yavapai College Adult Ed. in Arizona.

In your workshop, I learned that my Life Path pointed towards teaching. 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have been open to receive this message but after winning a long battle with cancer, I had a Spiritual Awakening that has opened my eyes to new opportunities and beginnings.

When we explored my Birth Chart, it confirmed the experiences of my diverse life journey and I no longer feel I’ve wasted precious time doing things that appear insignificant. Everything happened for a reason and I clearly see this now.

With your guidance, I have opened a small studio and am now teaching students Deco clay design. I just recently contracted with a local private school to teach twice a week.

Thank You for your encouragement and strengthening my purpose in life.

Gerald Levine

Naples, Florida








Sara confirmed that I have a life Path Number 22/4 which explains my dynamic but anxiety driven personality.

I originally came to her for direction in my career choice but found out that the energy of my Master Number won’t kick in until I’m 40 or older and that won’t happen for another 10 years.

To be completely honest, what she told me needed to take place before I come into my full power was not taken lightly.

She suggested that I work through my family issues, create stability and routine & consider having a child.

Wow... at the time, she couldn’t have mentioned a more appalling situation for me to comprehend.

I had voluntarily been estranged from my biological family and was told that Medically I couldn’t conceive. There was a history of mental illness in our family so I decided not to have children anyways.

Shortly after graduating from your Mentor-ship Program, my husband and I decided to mend the fences with our families and we moved back home to Montana.

We both practiced the healing techniques and cleansing meditations she gave me.

We were received with an enormous amount of love & support from both sides of the family.

We bought a fixer-upper not far from my grandparents house.

Miraculously, two months later, I conceived with child and Austin was born (four months ago).

The pregnancy and the reunion with my family has offered me an initiation to the opening of my heart. I know now that whatever I decide to do as a career in my life will be instigated through this extraordinary experience. It really doesn’t matter what I do, it’s how I do it and with this much love in my heart, it will be enormous.

Thank You for your Higher Vision of my life Possibilities. I never would’ve gone in this direction without your guidance and psychic gifts.

Lauren Young

Bozeman, Montana


Hey Sara,

When we started to work together, you told me that all the answers I seek are within myself & Egyptian Numerology is a tool that helps trigger my memories.

I was surprised that my deepest memories came in form of resonating on a heart level. You know, like that gut instinct that tells you to listen?

The hardest part that I experienced was letting go of my expectations & allowing the information unfold naturally. (This is something I’ve been working on all my life)

Working through your program was literally a mind blowing experience. I began to use my psychic abilities on a whole new level and relieve barriers, limitations & walls I wasn’t fully aware of.

I can’t tell you how comforting it is to trust someone with my journey and have my inner realities confirmed.

Your abilities, guidance & experience are priceless.

My Guides have always sent me Spiritual Teachers ever since I can remember. Even though, I hold all the answers, I learn better through other people & teachings.

I’m also enrolled in a year long Buddhist program which coincides perfectly with what I’m learning from you.

I am interested in your Graduates Program. I don’t want the dust to settle.

Thank You,

James Connelly

Pagosa Springs, Colorado


Gates are Open Add.PNG



Thank you for guiding me to the freedom of my Path & Purpose.

I was drawn to your program through a dream.

In my dream, I met you in a garden and we walked to a gate. You opened it for me and told me not to be afraid to way through. I had the feeling that my future was beyond.

Shortly afterwards, I listened to your YouTube video on “Initiations” & knew that these were the “Gates” in my dream.


I’ve learned so much from your program and especially enjoyed the progress from my past life regression that cleared much needed blocks in my present life.

I wasn’t sure that I could be regressed & so it was super powerful for me.

The Plan for my goals that you helped me organize, is unfolding perfectly. I am continuing with the meditations you taught me and the other exercises we practiced.

Being a teacher and advocate has always been important but taking the necessary steps to open my own school has been exciting.

I’ve had some

interesting offers to expand my ideas and lay the foundation to create ...amazing channeling sessions.

I will keep in touch..

Dayna Wilson

Medford, Oregon

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