Your Personal Year Number is based on a Nine Year Cycle.

 Everyone has a personal year number and every year has its own frequency.  The personal year number is your numerology vibration personalized for the current year. It is calculated by using your day of birth, birth month and the current year. This number changes every year and will follow the numerology one through nine and will start over again starting with the number one when the nine year is finished.

In theory, your Personal Year Number starts at the beginning of the New Year. From my experience, the power of your Personal Year Number starts to emerge in September and manifests in January. i It has the strongest force during the 90 day cycle around your Birth Date.

The benefits of working in alignment with your Personal year Number Frequency;

Numerology is the sacred language of numbers that shows us  how the vibrations or personalities of numbers both flavor our lives & gift us insight into our greater Soul Potential.  

Numbers enable us to not only get intimate with the deeper aspects of ourselves, but also can be used as predictive tool to understand the different cycles in our life – how to ride the waves rather than continually being dumped & struggling to come up for air.

Your Personal Year Number in Numerology provides a deep insight into the potential themes & life experiences in any calendar year.  Every personal year is part of a 1 through to 9 year cycle, that colors your life with potential opportunities, challenges & gifts of insight.


Your Soul Life Path number is the sum total of your Birthdate, Birth month, and Birth year reduced to a single digit, unless it is a Master Number. Your Soul Path describes the direction your life will take, challenges you will encounter, and opportunities you will come across. It tells you what your life journey will look like and how you connect with the outside world. It represents the traits and talents that you were born with. 

There are magnetic forces that draw to you various vibrations, events, and circumstances throughout your life, and all of these are influenced by your Soul Life Path Number. 


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