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This number is found by adding your day of birth to your birth month and reducing it to a single digit, unless it is a master number of eleven through ninety-nine.

This is our personal power number. It is the force within that we call upon to pull us out of the trenches when the sky is dark and there is no one else around to save us. It is the vehicle we use to uplift our spirits and raise our vibrations in meditation to reach the state of nirvana. This frequency is how the outside world perceives us and our fallback character when we think no one is looking. Our achievement number is called our attitude number and has been a driving force in our life ever since we took our first breath of air, and it will continue to mature throughout our lifetime.

Like all the numbers, its potency is contingent on the level of our energy field. The higher we vibrate, the stronger it will work for us, and the gifts and talents of this number will continue to bear fruit and support us. If our frequency is low, it will continue to challenge and serve as a reminder to up our game. All of our challenges are opportunities for growth, so it will be worth noting that when our energy frequency is lower, we will encounter more challenges. This is a universal law, and it plays out beautifully in the vibration force of numbers.

All we have to do is witness what happens when we choose to have a loving perspective versus a hateful one in any given situation on any particular day or at any moment. It can be used as a barometer in our lives to measure the level of frequency we are using. When our attitudes take a turn for the worse, we instantly attract negative energy and circumstances to us. How many more challenges do we encounter when we start the day on the wrong side of the bed? How many blessings do we attract when we begin our day in silent contemplation, gratitude, and compassion?

This is how our achievement/attitude Number works for us. It’s our choice! Do we want to work with it or against it?


Equilibrium and balance are your natural forte. You can walk into a room of people and intuitively know what the climate of energy is just by tuning in through your senses. You automatically start forming the harmony process toward any imbalance by performing your charm, grace, and beauty through whatever medium you feel necessary in order to bring peace.

If you are mature enough in your skills and talents, sometimes just your calming essence is all that is necessary to bring order to a chaotic situation. Nothing can remain off balance for long when you are around and vibrating at your highest frequency.

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