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EGYPTIAN NUMEROLOGY – “Alpha & Omega: The Great Paradox of Man’s Spiritual Tra

The Ascension Back Home

  “How man took nothing (zero) and made something (numbers) out of nothing and now all man desires is to return back to (zero) nothing”

 The metaphysical zero symbolizes the absolute, uniting spirit and matter. It is represented by the moon and vibration of eternity and the sound of the Om. From this sound and vibration, all other numbers were created. The center of the circle represents our universe and contains all of our elements: earth, air, water, fire, and ether. Of all the other numbers, the zero comes closest to the vibration of God, and although it is from and of this God, it does not define God and so must be the spiritual essence of God.

All of our numbers are symbols that hold vibrations we created out of the essence from the infinite zero. Each symbol contains a characteristic with unique flavor and style. I believe that these symbols departed the infinite with specific intention to explore the universe outside of its origin and will always return home when the mission is completed. A unitary journey becomes the ultimate ascension when all the vibrations come back into harmony with the Om, the alpha, and the omega.

We all have free will and chose our beloved planet Earth to experience duality. This third-dimensional plane of existence lives in a world where there is contrast. Until recently, we saw things in opposition: up and down, positive and negative, black and white, good and bad, and so on. The Chinese drew their yin/yang symbol inside a circle depicting this very circumstance, a world divided between female and male polarities. I say “until recently” because duality is a belief we have anchored into for a long time and we now have the opportunity to move into the fifth dimension and rise above it. Duality breeds judgment—that’s all you need to know right now.

I had to bring up polarities in order to explain the frequencies of numbers. Every number has a frequency that vibrates perfectly with the Om. Because we live in a world of free choice, these vibrations can get stuck in the lower frequencies and sometimes stay there for a very long time (lifetimes). This is where you can help. It is our job as healers, psychics, and channels to show our clients what their numbers look, sound, and feel like when they are vibrating at their highest quality. Anyone can study and memorize what the positive and negative aspects look like in a number, and it is often a good parlor trick to have at parties, but to assist others closer to their higher purpose in life is a virtue and a gift.

The next question might be how to know what the highest quality of a number looks, sounds, and feels like when it is vibrating at its highest frequency. This is where practice in channeling and using your intuition come in. You will learn what I know by reading this material, but every numerologist is different, and just like our DNA, no two are exactly alike. I can give you a general description of what these qualities are, but through practice, you will learn what rings true for you.

Powers of the Number Zero

Welcome to the world of magic, the journey into miracles and the realm of all possibilities. This is a step into dream materialization and manifestation, and it all starts with the big number zero.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end” (Revelation 22:13). The alpha and the omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. When I started focusing upon the power of the zero, I began to get symbols flashing in my mind. There were only two letters, but they kept repeating themselves in my mind until I finally drew them onto a piece of paper and researched them in symbol and sign books. I even researched planetary alphabets, but nothing came close to the letters I was receiving as messages. I tucked my drawings inside a book and let it go. It wasn’t until I started writing this chapter on the zero that the words alpha and omega began a chant in my mind. Guess what? The letters/symbols I had been seeing in my mind were actually the letters for alpha and omega. There is an immense force within the zero, and if you truly want to understand numerology, we must start here.