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Charting the Power of the Mighty Zero Whether the mighty zero is empty or full depends on the number it follows and the person using the vibration. Those who have a zero in their main four chart placements can feel extra power around them, and some people will use this energy/power to their benefit or they will refuse it because it will magnify whatever response it is directed toward. The zero is like a portal with energy moving through it; it will reflect whatever is standing next to it.

The zero is the alpha (beginning) and the omega (infinite), and there is no beginning and no end. The zero is considered the number of God, or source, and it reinforces, amplifies, and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. When a number in your birth chart is followed by zero, it points to inner gifts or potential resources.

The number zero beholds the attributes and characteristics of all the other numbers and can bring one closer to the God Source. These resources tend to enhance the energies of the other number as well as signal refined or amplified qualities of sensitivity, strength, expressiveness, and intuition. Those who have these inner gifts may enjoy them, share them, misuse them, or ignore them, depending upon their individual level of awareness. As with all other qualities, they grow with use, with inspiration and love, and with an individual commitment to use them for a higher purpose and the common good.

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