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Master Number 66/12/3

We have the double emphasis on empathy with the number six. Here, the healer, magician, and spiritual physician are hard at work. After adding the sixes, we get the number twelve, which is not only a cycle number but also the number of a true master. Properties of the number twelve resonate with independence, creativity, intuition, balance, and a genuine connection to Higher Source for the purpose of service to humankind.

When you add the numbers of the twelve together, you get the number three, which illustrates your ability to target your means of expression through pure empathy toward others. You are able to read energy and actually feel another person’s emotional field within your own body. This is an excellent source of healing power after you’ve mastered your own ability to hold the frequency of love and light while channeling directly toward the person who needs healing.

The master number sixty-six will be working the number three until maturity (around the age of forty or older). Learning the abilities and challenges of communication, creativity, intuition, self-love, joy, laughter, and social graces is paramount to the development of the master number sixty-six. Evolving through all these qualities is essential for the sacred powers to be released and become activated. You are a dynamic healer, channel, and artist who will rely on the strong self-esteem and creative expression that the number three promises. Your soul life path is to use your empathic and channeling abilities to heal animals, people, and our environment through creative expression and manifestation here on Earth.

Written By Sara Bachmeier/

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