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Master Number 99/18/9

The first thing you want to know when you see the number nine in the core birth chart is that this is the number for completion. If you believe in reincarnation, you will see this as the person’s last lifetime here on Earth. If a person does not believe in reincarnation, he will be satisfied to know that in this lifetime he is completing important life lessons. Every person I have charted with a nine in his core chart already knows this on a deep level and will resonate with the word completion.

Because the number nine is in a lifetime of completion, it is almost definite that these people are wounded healers or have gone through a period of time called the “dark night of the soul.” They were contracted before birth to do whatever was necessary in this lifetime to complete their cycle here on Earth, and that means having to meet some heavy-duty challenges. These challenges are necessary for them to learn forgiveness, compassion, integrity, and leadership. These qualities of the number nine must be accomplished before they can attain the completeness and closure they came here for.

The number nine is an old soul and often has channeling higher wisdom skills from a very young age. These people become humanitarian leaders, serve in selfless programs, or care for the underprivileged as part of their advanced spiritual nature. They are also known to spend much time alone and can lead to reclusion. They don’t have a strong desire toward drama or anything that might cause them to work out more karma than necessary. They are purely focused on the spiritual aspect of life; anything else is superficial or irrelevant.

When adding the two nines together, we get the number eighteen. The qualities of this number are initiative, intuition, strength, attainment, independence, resource, creativity, and flow.

Whatever you put your attention and intention toward will manifest for the greater good of all involved. Because you are known as the master of compassion and love, you have a mesmerizing ability to motivate others as a leader or teacher. You could find yourself faced with the challenge of self-sacrifice for universal love as well as the need to serve with compassion and tolerance. You have an active and real concern for the welfare of humanity, and wherever you go, the spreading of enlightened and positive energies around the world will follow you like a golden shadow.

Written By Sara Bachmeier from the book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into the 5th Dimension”. Visit:

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