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Egyptian Numerology; Number Sequences 111

111 or 11:11 – Wake-Up call, Activation Code, or Awakening code

It is certainly a magical sign. 111 is a sign that the Universe is communicating with you. At the moment you see this sequence, a mystical portal is opening for you to pass through. Look around and pay attention to where you are, what you are thinking, and who you are with. This is a cosmic connection that you are moving in the right direction.

Eleven is a Master Number and an expression that signifies a spiritual path. When 1’s are doubled or multiple 1’s appear on your path, it is a confirmation that you serve the light and have the ability to uplift the consciousness of humanity.

The Number 1 is a direct conduit from the physical realm to the spiritual. It reminds you that you are a powerful creator through the use of your thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions. It is a confirmation that you are aligned with your truth.

The multiple 1’s serve as an energetic gateway that opens for you to manifest your thoughts into reality. The message encourages you to choose your thoughts wisely, ensuring that they match your true desires. At this time, do not put energy focusing on your fears, but instead set your intentions on your highest vision and truth to ensure manifesting them into your life.

It could also clarify that an opportunity is currently unfolding and you are creating at the speed of light. The Universe has just aligned with your intentions, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs helping you to manifest your experiences into reality.

Keep open to what will serve your highest good and move forward with confidence.

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