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EGYPTIAN NUMEROLOGY Repeating Numbers 222

During these auspicious and highly elevated times, people are witnessing more and more signs from the higher realms in the form of repeating numbers.

There are several types of Light Code Number Sequences that our Guides and Angels use to get our attention and each have a specific meaning. 

At the beginning of our awakening, it is common to start witnessing Angel numbers and when you are diligently working toward raising your energy field, you will begin to see Ascension numbers. 

 We often wonder what the significance or meaning is behind these ominous symbols. After a length of time on our spiritual journey, it becomes commonplace to witness these signs and learn that every individual has a unique relationship to these sightings. 

There is never a one size fits all when it comes to deciphering a spiritual meaning behind angel numbers and if we are intuitive, we know the meaning is contained within what is going on within us at the very precise moment we see these numbers. 

There is always a general meaning within the energy of each number, but we need to learn how to decode our own personal messages with our personal Guides. In other words, two people can see the same number combination at the same time and come up with two different definitions that are personal to them. 

Egyptian Numerology believes in teaching people how to get in touch with their own unique navigation system. It would be erroneous for me to tell you the meaning behind your own synchronicity although, I can guide your direction.

The vibration of the number 2 represents two 1’s standing side-by-side. One is masculine and the other one is Feminine. Both seek balance and integration when in relationship to each other, and complement the opposing nature of their differences.

This energy reflects the gifts of acceptance, harmony, creativity, and psychic awareness. Two is the number of duality; the split we perceive in life between light and darkness, inside and outside, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, good and bad, life and death, mind and heart, and so on.

In Egyptian numerology the number two’s highest potential is to establish a state of neutrality and rise above judgement of self and others. When this level of consciousness is achieved, it opens an individual to options not often found in the “human condition”.

222- Means “Seek Balance” and is the number representing partnerships and relationships. When you see the repeating numbers 222, pay attention to the people showing up in your World. You might be attracting a Soulmate, Soul Friend. Soul Tribe or someone who will play an important role in your life.

It is asking that you explore the balance in your current relationships especially in the roles of give and take. Are you giving too much, not enough, or taking more than what is being offered? 

Listen and Trust your “Inner Voice” and be authentic in all your relationships. While you may hesitate to speak up, authenticity is always the cornerstone of any great relationship. Let people know who you are and what you stand for when you see 222. This could change the navigtation of your relationships, drawing like minded souls in your direction and clearing or removing people who are on a totally different wavelength. 

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