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The Number 8 is strong and powerful and widely associated with abundance and prosperity but although this is true with Egyptian Numerology, it is also the frequency for resource and flow because of the infinity loop it illustrates when turned on its side.

If we look at the two loops upright, the bottom circle symbolizes humans/Earth linked to Spirit/Heaven, acting as a direct channel from Spirit to humans and vice versa. The Number 8’s ability to attract resource and flow is all about staying fluid by learning to set clear intentions and finding your inner abundance with “All that Is”. Remembering that the outside world is only a reflection of what is happening on our insides.

The loops in the Number 8 are like a hose; if it is kinked or blocked, the flow of energy will back up and work against you rather than for you. In order to access your flow, you must be in integrity with your energy, including the spoken word or communication, as well as money, authority, and fame, and you must avoid any kind of abuse in these areas. It is important to develop the attitudes, skill, and confidence to understand the laws of material success, such as the fair balance of energy exchange.

When experiencing the Triple Eights, you are in the company of a highly charged electrical energy current. Imagine a steel rod standing on top of a mountain in the middle of a lightening storm. You have the ability to access pure electrical energy when you remain open and flowing, which allows you to create from an immense source of power. This energy is about manifestation, accumulation, and attracting resources or abundance. The most popular areas in one’s life would be money, fame, and power. Triple 8’s are a powerhouse of energy and you are reminded to learn to regulate the flow of giving and receiving unconditionally.

The Central work involves contacting you inner abundance, inner power and inner authority; when you find these inside yourself, you can manifest naturally in the world. When you make service the center of you life – sharing money, energy, and wisdom as freely as you are able – you embrace your soul life journey at the most elevated level, combining money and worldly power with the power of the heart.

Harmony in relationships come to fruition when the triple 8’s are added together to equal the number six. This number reminds you that relationships form best when you develop a sense of self love, nurturing and care above all others. You can not give something that you don’t have. Once you have obtained the Self Love being asked of you, it is important to establish a connection with a Higher Source in order to pull in the light and love needed to sustain your beauty, health and energy. After these two relationships are in harmony, the green light turns on for you to extend your compassion and empathy to the outside world. This is the Divine order of Harmony in Relationships. You, Higher Source and then the world, in this order!

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