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The Number Nine is our Number for completion because it is the last number in the cycle before we start back to the beginning with the number one. In the process of completion, comes the opportunity to learn compassion, forgiveness and enhance your life with acts of selfless service.

Whatever needs closure in your life, will come to surface for you to finally free yourself of what no longer serves you. When Nine appears in your path, you have come to earn a completion. This is why forgiveness, compassion, integrity, justice, higher wisdom and selfless service will be important to you. These are all tools needed for your ascension to the next level of your existence. 

   The Number Nine is the number of the warrior and the wounded healer. You are being asked to be a protector, walker of light and integrity. Any number that stands next to the Nine is protected and guaranteed integrity without judgement or fear.

It is also a time of the “Hermit” and having a tendency to be reclusive mainly because inherently you don’t want to accumulate more drama/karma at this time. Those who walk the path of the Number Nine, gift the world with sage like wisdom and incredible kindness reminding us that by allowing our own divine light to shine, we can change the world. This energy seeks to serve the greater good.

This number symbolizes sanctuary, contemplation and self-awareness. The true path of the Number Nine is the seeker that eventually leads to ascension. Spirituality cannot abide stagnant water. Number Nine has an unquenchable thirst and a desire to understand the greater mysteries in life. They have a natural tendency to look within and above for all answers to the questions asked from the mundane world. They may even go to remote locations to search their souls in the quest for the ultimate truth. 

Number Nine people are visionaries, healers, psychics, and artists as portrayed in the tarot of the hermit, which depicts the nine as a wise old man. One hand bears a lantern of sagacity that lights the way, the other a staff of authority to steady his feet. As he stands in the wastelands, he breathes a sigh; the burdens of the shaman, the walker between worlds will sometimes lead to a life of seclusion. That moment of silence is also one of prayer where the hermit listens to the voice of the Divine and then returns to the world with a message. They are a channel for Higher Wisdom.

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