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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact Date of Birth in Egyptian Numerology. It is often referred to as your Character Number and reveals Personality traits, Character behaviors and your Souls Passions. It works directly with your Sou Life Path Number by influencing particular challenges for you to overcome and it is associated to the enhancement of the direction in life you are meant to lead.

This Number shows you what your Soul is Urging you to accomplish in this lifetime….

The best way to utilize your Soul Urge Number is by being able to determine your natural Gifts and turn your strongest challenges into your greatest strengths.

Your Soul urge Number is directly related to your Soul Life Path Number and can be used to bring your Highest opportunities toward happiness and abundance to the surface for you to embrace and implement into your daily life.

SOUL URGE NUMBER FIVE IS – TRANSFORMATION and your attributes are Passion, Expression, Social, Intuitive, and Freedom.

Soul Urge Number 5: Transformation

Like fire fueled by the element of earth and air, transformation burns with movement, change, and a master of adaptation. It can be cleansing or it can destroy, but whenever it is around, there is action. All of life depends on the laws of transformation. We would never evolve without the secrets of passion and the desires ignited through creation.

These people love excitement, movement and are often called info-maniacs. They are very curious and behold a sense of wonder that keeps them active and hungry to learn about people, places and things. They have a fire energy burning deep in their soul and the ability to assist other people in transforming their darkness into light with their kind and often selfless service to mankind.

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