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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact date of Birth in Egyptian Numerology.

Your Day of Birth is your Soul Urge Number. I describe your Soul Urge Number as the whisper or the breath of life that entered your body the moment you are born. It is the frequency of who you are in Spirit, manifesting physical vibrational form. This number helps you create and enhance the direction of your life and gives you the freedom of choice to stay in integrity with your authentic self. It reveals how you go about bringing your “Inner Light” to others to create beneficial and fulfilling relationships.

This is the frequency that we create from.

Your Soul Urge number is referred to as your character number. It reveals your personality traits, character behaviors, and your soul’s passions. It is the chief instigator to the challenges you encounter or the enhancement associated with your Life Path number.

This energy affects how you view the world, it colors your thinking process and helps you form your unique perspectives of life.

The best way to utilize your Soul Urge Number is by being able to determine your natural gifts and abilities and turn your strongest challenges into your greatest strengths. Because your Soul Urge Number is directly related to your Soul Life Path Number, you can use it to attract the highest opportunities to bring you happiness, abundance, and overall well being.



– Solid, Structure, Strength, and Manifestation

The number four naturally balances and cultivates the elements of our planet. Because these people have an innate ability to understand the qualities in air, earth, fire, water, and ether, they are the natural healers. Four is a solid energy and represents stability, perseverance, and loyalty.

The Soul Urge Number Four people like routines and balancing the sacred order of the Universe. They are intelligent, creative, and self expressive plus they tend to have solid ethics and values which makes them excellent workers in any field. They have a rare ability to be healers because on a deeper level, they understand the elements of our planet and how they inter-relate to our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. This connection that they have with the elements, make them down to earth people with realistic outlooks on life in general.

Although they gravitate toward routine and order, they are unconventional, free thinkers, and rebellious by nature. They view everything from a unique perspective and colorful lens. Their minds naturally resist concrete rules and regulations preferring the freedom of choices made from the heart.

The number four is grounded, stable, calm, and responsible.

In Egyptian Numerology, there are 3 major Numeric calculations that reveal your innate gifts, talents, and potential. These specific attributes were chosen by you before birth to support you on your Soul Life Path and journey. When you discover, align, and develop these Super-Powers, you are on the road to becoming your very own Inner Hero. These powers are a part of you and will lay dormant until activated. Follow the Link Below to Learn More:

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