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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact Day of Birth in Egyptian Numerology. It describes your character behaviors, souls passions, gifts, abilities, and talents. It can be the chief instigator to the success associated with your Life Path Number. This frequency is what your soul has been urging you to accomplish in this lifetime.

So let’s take a look at how the Soul Urge number is associated with your Soul Life Path Number. I previously described your Soul Life Path as the direction that you chose to take in this lifetime and your Soul Urge describes the lens in which you have chosen to view the world while you are on your path.

Your Soul Urge is the fire underneath your feet and the chief motivator you use to adjust the sails in the direction of your destination. It is an important factor to understand when staying in alignment with your Soul Life Mission because once you understand your Soul Urge and Soul Life Path relationship you gain respect for the true warrior that you are.

When you use these tools for your advantage, you know what you have to offer the world and where you need to ask for help. You become the master of your fate and the captain of your ship. When I work with members in my 90 Day Mentor-ship Program, we take a look at your Soul Life Path and where you are standing in the present moment and all the factors that you got you here. We then take a look at where you are being called to go and what might be blocking your path and why.

Your Soul Urge number will tell us what you need to understand about yourself in order to achieve the best possible results for your future. Once you adjust your sails and remove the debris from your path, we call upon the wind (Spirit) to move you forward toward your highest destiny.



Intuitive, Sensitive, Empathic, and Connection

Everyone is born empathic but the people born under the influence of the number 6 carry these abilities to a higher extreme. Being empathic means that you have extraordinary sensitivities, intuition, and psychic abilities.

These abilities can be stronger than logic and reason which makes it difficult to explain your personal power to those who do not have these qualities.

Being a psychic empath, essentially means that you have the strong ability to feel the emotions, energy, feelings, and even the mental state (thoughts) of others naturally.

Regardless of the specific focus of your psychic tendencies, your empathic abilities may lead you to investigate a type of clairsentience or clear feeling.

You are prone to being a sponge or magnet to outside energies and if not protected, you can easily take on energy that does not belong to you and wonder why you are feeling “off” when around groups of people.

You are spiritually guided to help people but sometimes at the cost of your own well-being. In this lifetime, you are here to learn to love and care for yourself first, connect to a higher Source light, and then extend your gifts out toward others. In this Order!

This number invites celestial music and contains the divine inspiration for all arts. Born empathic and an open channel for the healing touch of Source, caring for others is your natural calling and you hold the qualities of the light keeper.

When they are connected to Higher Source, they have the gift and ability to heal others with their words of wisdom and medicinal touch.


In Egyptian Numerology, there are 3 major Numeric calculations from your Birth Date that reveals your innate gifts, talents, and potential. These specific attributes were chosen by you before birth to support you on your Soul Life Path and journey. When you discover, align, and develop these Super-Powers, you are on the road to becoming your very own Inner Hero. These powers are a part of you and will lay dormant until activated.

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