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Before I can uncover the magic of each number, I need to explain what you will find. My intent is to focus on the highest integrity of each frequency because this is where humankind is inevitably heading. It has been brought to my awareness that we as humans have very few living examples of what we look like when we are functioning in our highest vibration. We lack heroes or action figures to aspire to, so when we are ready to evolve to the next level, we sometimes fall back into our old patterns of believing that reaching for excellence is not possible and this supports a lack of better clarity.

    One of the biggest villains blamed is the ego. The ego has the worst reputation from all soul seekers and is the easiest to blame when we lack awareness. Nobody wants the ego (mind); it gets in the way when we are meditating, we find it where we least expect it, and whenever we are trying to advance, it hangs around our necks like old baggage we forgot to unload from our last trip. I never understood why people disliked something that is obviously a big part of us. What is the function of the ego? When I examined it, it appeared to be fear-based, but I noticed that it just really wanted to protect me. The more I tried to ignore it, the more it reared its head to be invited to the table as a guest. So I started to embrace my ego and educate it in my spiritual maturity. Since then, we have been friends and it no longer acts like a child starving for attention. I am relieved that I no longer have to dread a part of myself but can love all parts of myself.

    We have come to the point in our development where hashing out the old needs to stop. I have learned that when I aspire to the greatness in myself, the shedding of the skin falls to the wayside. The Egyptian Numerology fifth dimension does not deal with the shadow side, and this includes the ego, mind, positive, negative, light, dark, and all other polarities. It consists of the characteristics, abilities, and gifts we hold when we express ourselves through the love we were born with. We have become overly obsessed with our character defects, sins, and mistakes from the past. I’m not saying it’s not important to purge and cleanse these toxins from your energy fields, but have an idea, urging, and passion to know where you’re going after they are released.

    So many of us don’t have examples of what comes next, and why would we? We have ventured into a new spiritual frontier, and although it is exciting, it can be a little terrifying, like coming to the edge of a cliff and being expected to jump off when we cannot see our destination. We often tend to play out old drama even though we’ve cleaned up the past wounds, because it is safe and familiar. It doesn’t have to be uncomfortable to evolve when we know where we are going.

     Egyptian numerology is a tool that will give you a glimpse of what we look like, who we are, and where we are going when we vibrate to our highest frequency and what our new social graces act like. The closest examples we have ever had in the past that were equivalent to this type of presence are the saints who went before us. Some people call them ascended masters because they have worked through their earthly karma and have ascended this realm and don’t have to return through reincarnation unless they want to. Could sainthood be the new norm? Could we be the ones we’ve been waiting for?

     I remember many times in my spiritual evolution wanting to grasp onto a concept or some sort of virtual teacher that I could reach out to for help or to answer a question or two. I often felt very alone and wondered if the fifth dimension was just an illusion or a portal I accidentally stepped into. I was expecting the learning process to be similar to that of our school system, where we had visual mentor/student relationships and our peers were only a desk away. The truth of the matter is, we are the forerunners of this new dimension, and, as unusual as it may seem, if you look in the mirror, you are the representation of what our new adviser is supposed to look like. The answer to the previous question is yes! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! We are at a time when there isn’t anyone to look forward to see if we are doing things correctly. We are it; we are the best there is, and we must come to accept, trust, and have faith in the process.

    In the number descriptions, I give a brief glimpse of what the low-vibrating morals act like, but my philosophy is that if you’re not resonating with the highest-frequency attributes, you need to find out why. No one else can do it for you; it is a personal journey. I’m here to show you what the fifth-dimension frequency of each number offers and what your life could possibly look like if it doesn’t already. This is also an excellent source of confirmation for you if you want reassurance on your path’s journey. Remember that if you aspire to the higher frequency, the lower automatically falls away. Also, the way the third dimension works is that if you are holding what is not of the fifth dimension, it will show up for you to be challenged and to be cleared, and this is how you can identify the lower vibrations. For instance, if your path is love, everything that is not love will surface for you to clear in order for you to hold the purest form of love. This will be different for everyone since we are all unique. Selfishness, jealousy, envy, pride, fear, shame, and so on, are a few obstacles in the way of experiencing pure love.

     It is true that with every high comes a low. This is universal law for the third dimension. When we are in the fifth dimension, there are no polarities because everything is seen with love and as a gift. Therefore, there is no reason to look over your shoulder for the other shoe to drop. Trust, faith, and hope are a daily package, and gratitude is the path and not the destination. Your higher self expresses in the fifth dimension, as do your Higher Guides. It does not matter what your shortcomings are, for when you hold the vision of your highest abilities, you will know these abilities to be true in your heart. Visualize yourself already manifesting at these higher frequencies; the rest will follow this path because it is the fifth-dimension Universal Truth. So it is!

It is similar to lighting a candle in the center of a darkened room. As soon as the wick is lit, the room shines forth with brightness and darkness vanishes without a trace. Do we go looking for it or do we bask in the glory of the light? I know what I would do.

Written by Sara Bachmeier @

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