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I am continuing my series of Numerology, Chakras and Animal Spirit Guides. There is an introduction Article at the very beginning of this series that explains how Pythagoras; the Father of Numerology and an Ancient Egyptian sage discovered the correlation to all life existing in nature could be related to the frequencies of numbers.

He used this interconnection to transcend the meaning of life. While Egyptian Numerology has a main focus on Numbers, those who study with me know that in order to access your highest possibilities, an evolution in consciousness MUST take place.

One of the tools I use to elevate my frequencies, is through Chakra clearing, cleansing and alignment. I use various modalities (listed in my book; “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into the 5th Dimension”) to assist me in doing this but the one focus I am here to talk about is Animal Medicine. There are specific animals that correlate to the elements of the earth; air, water; fire; earth and ether and we can call upon these animals to borrow their energy (power, wisdom and strength) The elements of our planet also resonate to Number Frequencies as does Animal energy. 

Once you understand that EVERYTHING is connected, you can find the elements that resonate with your energy centers and use these to help advance your spiritual growth.

We can use specific elements that resonate with each other to enhance the opening and aligning of our chakras. By inviting the unique qualities and characteristics of animals into our imagination and implementing them into our energy centers, we can borrow their Medicine; strength, wisdom and power to blend with our own behaviors relating to the specific chakra we are working with.

It is not only creative visualization, it is a practical way to utilize nature in an outstanding production of “shape-shifting” and belonging to a world through the use of our innate senses and abilities. 

THIRD EYE CHAKRA – Ajna—“Command and Perceiving” 

This chakra is located in the brain above the nose and between the eyebrows. It is the second “spiritual chakra,” and its major principle is higher clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, lucid dreaming, and expanded imagination. The pineal gland is in charge of regulating biorhythms sleep and wake time, but it also has a relationship with the mystical states of consciousness we call wisdom, insight, inspiration, and creativity. It is the center that transcends duality. The duality of the personal “I” becomes separate from the rest of the world, of a personality that exists independently from everything else. The “I” consciousness is absorbed into the super consciousness.


This is where intuition and transcendent consciousness take priority over ordinary logic. When this sixth chakra center is open, you can see clearly into your own and another’s heart and soul with a knowing that transcends the need to speak of truth or wisdom. The third eye chakra also helps you sense the vibration currents and underlying substratum of situational forces.

When this capacity is stimulated, you have the ability to see how past directions influence present choices and the future potentials toward which they are pointing. Reasoning, wit, spontaneity, and mental flexibility all become highly developed at this super-conscious level where you can distinguish between what realities seem to be and what they truly are. With the third eye chakra you transcend normal abilities and can see into others, life situations, and yourself.

Right livelihood and truth steer the soul’s rudder of a person living from the evolved awareness of the sixth chakra. For those who walk this path, universal messages of higher truths are the lens through which they view life and clarify their perceptions. Part of this state of conscious awakening is being able to discern what is beneficial and helpful to humanity and other beings and what is harmful in specific ways. Using this awareness constructively is the gem of right livelihood that is often viewed as a major component of a spiritual path.

NUMBER SIX – “Beauty, truth, psychic awareness, empathy, love and responsibility”


pituitary gland, pineal gland, hypothalamus gland, entire endocrine system, immune system, sinuses, eyes, ears, and face






HAWK MEDICINE – “Visionary Power & Guardianship”

The Hawks are one of the most intriguing and mystical of the birds of prey. They are the messengers, the protectors and the visionaries of the air. Hawks and Owls have the keenest eyes of all raptors.

 There are so many different species that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.The environment in which your hawk is found will tell you much about how its energies are likely to manifest within your life.

All Hawks are impressive and stir the imagination. Their hunting ability, their eyesight, and their powerful flights and other behaviors are dynamic symbols. 

Sky is the realm of the Hawk. Through its flight it communicates with humans and with the great creator spirit. It awakens our vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. 

The Hawk represents the teaching of higher expressions of psych-ism and vision. It can be used in the development of astral projection – new flights out of the body. It has ties to the activation of your vital energies (Kundalini), and the bold expression of it. It is tied to the archetypal forces that teach beauty and harmony in moderation. It holds the keys to higher levels of consciousness.

Rising to a higher level can bring a rapid development of psychic energies. The red-tailed hawk helps us in balancing and using those senses appropriately. It teaches the balance necessary to discover our true purpose in life. If you have a red-tailed Hawk as a totem, meditation will help you to see how this hawk will lead you to use your creative energy in manifesting your Soul Purpose. 


“I call forth the opening of my Pineal, Pituitary, and Hypothalamus glands (the mighty three), and I call forth the violet ray to open the universal truth that “I seek only my highest truth.” I invite the hawk, owl and eagle medicine to be the beloved guardians of my vision center as I step into your perfect sight, vision, power, and intuition. I ask that you guide, guard, and protect these portals on my divine path to attainment, allowing only the divine to enter and leave these portals.” AFFIRMATION – “ I am now stepping into my perfect sight, inner vision and intuition”

This concludes the Animal Totem for the Third eye Chakra. It is my intention to open doors to other realms of existence by heightening our awareness and when we do this, we have the ability to see, feel and sense clearly, it then becomes an undeniable fact that “everything” is connected.

I offer  a 90 Day Program & System called “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology”. In this program, I walk you through your Soul Life Agreement which is your “Sacred Treaty”, and teach you several tools on how to recognize and listen to the messages all around you. If you are interested in participating or learning more about this Mastery Program, please visit my website at and schedule a free breakthrough call with me… I’d love to talk with you. Thank you for your participation in this self awareness series.


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