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My Intention is to introduce Animal Spirit Medicine into your daily practice of opening and aligning your Energy Centers. By borrowing their Medicine; strength, wisdom and power, we can learn to enhance our own abilities when we imagine their characteristics manifesting within us.

We start by observing the animals and their unique qualities and then slowly imagining those characteristics developing within the particular Chakra you intend to enhance.

Sometimes animals start appearing in our lives either in dreams, visions, pictures, books, movies or in person. When this starts to happen, it is a sure sign that you have begun to merge with their energy.

It is safe, fun and effective… Ancient teachings have long used the symbols of animals to enhance their spiritual journey.

As explained in my Book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into the 5th Dimension”, Pythagoras, also known as the Father of Numerology was an Egyptian Sage who taught that all of life can be understood through the frequencies of numbers. He discovered the correlation to all life existing in nature to be related to Number Frequencies. 

He used this interconnection to transcend the meaning of life. While Egyptian Numerology has a main focus on Numbers, those who study with me know that in order to access your highest possibilities, an evolution in consciousness MUST take place.

In the process of raising your awareness, not only are you sensitive to the signs, symbols and synchronizations in nature – Like Number sequencing – you learn to attune to see, hear, feel and sense other realms, they just become doorways into a greater understanding of the Dimensions around us. 

One of the tools I use to elevate my frequencies, is through Chakra clearing, cleansing and alignment. I use various modalities (listed in my book) to assist me in doing this but the one focus I am here to talk about is Animal Medicine. There are specific animals that correlate to the elements of the earth; air, water; fire; earth and ether and we can call upon these animals to borrow their energy (power, wisdom and strength) The elements of our planet also resonate to Number Frequencies as does Animal energy. 

Once you understand that EVERYTHING is connected, you can find the elements that resonate with your energy centers and use these to help advance your spiritual growth. 

THROAT CHAKRA: Vishuddha—“Especially Pure” 

The primary location for this energy center is in the middle of the neck at the level of the throat, but it branches out to the mouth, larynx, shoulders, neck, and ears. It is responsible for the thyroid and the parathyroid glands, which regulate the processing of energy in the body through temperature, growth, and metabolism. This chakra is driven by the principle of expression and communication, and it promotes the ability for us to speak our truth whether it’s verbal or nonverbal, external or internal. It is the first of the three “spirit chakras” and promotes our intuitive abilities to connect to the higher realms. This center can stimulate clairaudience and telepathy, and it opens the consciousness to insights into the true laws of natural phenomena.