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The hearts desire is a vibration, an energy, and frequency of absolute love that heralds the birth of a new consciousness and a new earth for all who are currently on this planet. 

The essence to unite with your twin flame is a hot topic on our planet today. It follows a natural stage in your spiritual development. 

As humanity moves into higher dimensions of light, the dream and comforts of the heart are to align with true love. This soul inspired decision is evolving and becoming undeniably stronger. 

This burning desire for love is an organic process of soul expansion, the evolutional desire for more light, and action towards enlightenment, both on an individual and collective level. 

When you integrate closer to your light body, you may feel the desire to share your love with someone on a higher plane. 

This Twin Flame search becomes a magnetic quest to connect sacred souls regardless of different continents, genders,  age, and all stages of life. The established placement of true love brings together unique moments of simplicity, elegance, power,  and of course unconditional love. 

I am often asked about the nature of twin flame relationships, how they meet, how they attract, the purpose of their union, and how they align with each other in the complexity of 3D – 5D life. The most frequent question is how do you free yourself from loneliness and separation caused by settling for mutual karmic unions (?)

These are all good questions! 

How do you merge closer with your destined partner and maintain alignment with Source? True love, twin hearts, Soul mates, rising higher into the light. 

As significant as it is to find your twin soul, it is not done by seeking it, looking back, looking around, or by wishing to find it in every person you encounter that holds your interest.

No, it will not manifest as a result of wishful thinking. It happens through the mutual attraction of love, and most of all cultivating self~love. And this is the key to manifesting and attracting your twin soul. 

It is difficult to unite with a true love without great, authentic,  and strong self-love. It comes into manifestation with pure sacred resonance, and high vibration, in fact, the reality of this relationship is very simple. 

Come to terms that another person or master, can only love you to the extent that you are open to loving yourself.  This means that if there are aspects of yourself that remain in the shadows and you refrain from loving, it will be equally difficult for you to feel the love offered by someone other than your self because you don’t have the capacity to acknowledge it. 

People that you encounter are without a doubt, a reflection of your own divinity, including the shadow parts of yourself that you refuse to acknowledge and embrace. 

Everyone you meet is your mirror of the Divine, so if there is harmony in the relationship, it means that others are reflecting their own harmony. If there is disharmony in the relationship and you desire to rectify,  always look at the disharmony within yourself first. 

This is the same process we will find on a global and collective level; fear based elements of disharmony, chaos, and even wars on our planet are a direct reflection and result of disharmony and chaos within ourselves, within each individuals. 

If you look through your minds eye at our planet earth and envision the desire of peace, feel first the manifestation of serenity within yourself. If you want to end poverty and suffering, you must eliminate the sense of scarcity and fear within yourself. 

Yes, embrace abundance and manifest this organically within yourself. This is the path and dance to awaken great self-love within yourself. 

Love yourself and create new openings of love, for love, with love. Feel your own essence and ignite your own radiance.

Prepare yourself for deep love by walking quietly through your day and begin to notice, see, feel, and even taste the many rainbow colors of divinity that surrounds you. Open your heart to gratitude for everything in your life, even the challenging dilemmas that present themselves to support change for your highest good. 

This activity cultivates love within your heart and has a magnetic effect on the people around you. It is the manifestation of this love within yourself that begins to attract romance,  your dream partner, your twin soul, and other masters looking for an opportunity to serve you, or who are seeking guidance, support, cooperation, and healing. 

We can also call this process a journey into your superconscious, a journey to awaken the Christ consciousness within you, and evolving towards your personal ascension. 

The attraction and manifestation of your twin soul is the same as your journey into Christ consciousness, or in simple terms- into enlightenment. There is no separation, it is the same path.

 Imagine what it would be like to love yourself absolutely, to endure  all aspects of yourself and surrender to your inner light, inner love and let that feeling, that love, expand to encompass everything?

If you have been traveling on this path for quite some time , you may agree that Love has changed its frequency, its vibration because we have been moving  from unconditional love to absolute love. Your belief systems have been evolving  towards absolute love and the power and force behind this transformation  is felt both individually and collectively. 

This is all part of building the Christ consciousness or enlightenment on this planet. 

Many of you undoubtedly see the effects of this power moving in your lives as manifestation of miracles happening around you, to people you know, and the root phase of this development, is none other than love. 

If you want to manifest true love, to attract something wonderful into your life, something beyond your imagination, focus on this. Open yourselves to love, be love, contemplate it, feel it, and make room for it to dance within. 

Create room for it to guide and heal you and not just you, share it with others. When you share your love, your light, it has a profound effect on those you connect with. 

This higher awareness of love will begin to move the hearts and minds of many people. This part of the great plan that mother/ father Source of all creation,  the powerful presence of I Am, has in store for us. 

As we  ascend into higher levels of consciousness together some partnerships will change … people break up, others grow closer. It is all part of the natural transformation of consciousness to higher levels of light. 

As you fall deeply in love with yourself, when you are enchanted by your authentic nature, even dazzled by your brilliance and in awe over your magnificence, the true colors of your inner self will materialize and you will care less whether you are with your true love or not.

There will be less striving for outside love and having to be together no order to be happy. The less striving, the less anxiety, the less seeking, and the less need for it to be in your life, the more likely it is to happen. 

You become so enchanted by life, its simplicity, the beauty and power of it all, the love of love, that before you know it, your twin soul will appear. It will be led to you and it will find you precisely because of this love you behold, this light and love shining in your heart. 

This effortless process results in true love coming into your life, or any other thing you desire and wish for. Any fantasy of imagination that is close to your heart can be manifested in this way. Through love, through desire, and through focusing on the light in your life. 

Look closely at your alter ego, your mind, and observe the games, habits, and routines that  may have prevented or inhibited you from loving yourself. Remove them from your daily life including behaviors, actions, and words, let them go. Replace them with ones that serve your higher self. 

Don’t overcomplicate your life. The less complexity, the more simplicity and  power you have, the easier it will be for you to attract and keep love. Know that this feeling you have in your heart, the dream of love, of being together, of sharing, of joining your heart to this one person is also a dream, and desire of your twin soul. 

If your twin flame is in the same incarnation with you, he/ she is also moving towards the light, towards love. If you are attracted to certain places, certain areas of creativity, your twin soul will follow a similar direction, a similar path. 

If you are attracted to a continent, a particular mountain, a village or even a river, your twin soul feels a similar attraction to those particular places. 

When you love yourself absolutely without any limitations or reservations, you will find new paths, new possibilities within you. 

The colors around your energy field,  your vibration and frequency will transform, change, becoming higher and brighter. 

As your frequency rises and becomes higher, your ability to attract also increases, like a magnet it becomes stronger. 

We are talking about the light but also about the cosmic intelligence, omnipresent and omnipotent, seeing everything. The light knows what I want, the light sees your desires, your dreams. The truth is there is nothing that the light doesn’t know, so the basic premise is that we simply follow the light and it prepares everything for us, even before we arrive and every time you experience a sacred encounter.

Every time you experience love in a relationship , a miracle, or wonderful harmony, it was all prepared for you by the light before you came into this incarnation. So, you could say that the essence of manifesting a twin soul is to follow your intuitive compass and allow the light to guide you. 

Blessings, Sara

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