Your Soul Life Path is the sum total of your Birth-date, Birth-month, and Birth-year reduced to a single digit, unless it is a master number of eleven, twenty-two, twenty-three, thirty-three, forty-four, fifty-five, sixty-six, seventy-seven, eighty-eight, or ninety-nine.

Our Soul Path describes the direction our life will take, challenges we encounter, and the opportunities we come across. It tells what our life journey looks like and how we connect with the outside world. This number represents the traits and talents we were born with (from our soul urge number). The life path and the numbers derived from it show what we received from the world, which is the result of what we project into it, even if we don’t feel as if we had any part in creating the experiences we encounter. There are magnetic forces that draw tvarious vibrations, events, and circumstances throughout our life, and all of these are influenced by our soul life path number.

Our soul knows what it needs to learn in this lifetime to bring us closer to our Higher Self, Great Spirit, Source, or God. This includes all the experiences that move us closer to our soul purpose and destiny. There are no right or wrong turns on this journey because our soul learns from every twist and turn we take. Nothing is wasted, and everything is used for our betterment and overall well-being.

Every soul has a unique path designed especially for it. Even though two people can have the same soul life path number, there are outside elements affecting the individual that blend a series of circumstances to create each exclusive original person. In other words, there are no two people exactly alike and there are no two journeys exactly alike, so everyone’s experiences is different and solitary. The experience that my soul needs for growth, expansion, and discovery is not exactly what your soul will need.


This is widely known as the “abundance number” but more accurate would be the number for resource or flow because of the infinity symbol the eight illustrates when turned on its side. In order for eights to access this ability, they must be in integrity with their energy, including the spoken word. The loops in the eight are like a hose; if it is kinked or blocked, the flow of energy will back up and work against us rather than for us.

If we look at the two loops upright, the bottom circle symbolizes humans/Earth linked to the spirit/heaven, acting as a direct channel from spirit to humans, and vice versa. The soul life path of the number eight is about staying fluid by learning to set clear intentions and finding our inner abundance. The outside world is only a reflection of what is happening on our insides.

Eights are like a steel rod from the earth to the sky in a lightning storm. They have the ability to access pure electrical energy when remaining open and flowing, which allows them to create. The cycle of karma, that we receive what we give, is what the number eight is here to learn and once understood and implemented, it naturally grants the eight abundance.

The energy of this number is about manifestation, accumulation, and attracting resources or abundance. The most popular areas in one’s life would be money, fame, and power. The number eight is the infinity symbol and refers to energy flow. Eights are powerhouses of energy and are here to learn to regulate the flow of giving and receiving unconditionally. The central work for them involves contacting their inner abundance, inner power, and inner authority; when they find these inside themselves, they manifest naturally in the world.

Eights need to experience inner abundance, power, and respect before they can manifest those qualities in the outside world. They are born with a natural source of wisdom and need to be in integrity with the spoken word, as well as money, authority, and fame, and they must avoid any kind of abuse in these areas. It is important to develop the attitudes, skill, and confidence to understand the laws of material success, such as the fair balance of energy exchange.

When they make service the center of their life—sharing money, energy, and wisdom as freely as they are able—they embrace their soul life paths at the most elevated level, combining money and worldly power with the power of the heart. On a very high plane, eights feel the inherent abundance of life, nature, and spirit feeling moved to share with others whom they see as family. Their sense of power and control changes to grateful and loving surrender for a greater authority, higher power, or infinite source as manifested in the intricate intelligence and web of life as it unfolds.

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