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Your Soul Life Path is ignited by the heartbeat of the eternal drum of life the moment we are born. The drum is symbolic of the circle of life representing vitality, wholeness, completion, wheel of life, perfection, the sacred void, Alpha & Omega, the ouroboros of reincarnation, the infinite representation of Source. and although it is beyond time and space, the closest we can imagine being present within this circle would be a feeling of unconditional love.

The fifth dimension is a state of unconditional love and light that some would refer to as nirvana. This is your natural state of being, without the concept of time and space.

The personified energetic blueprint you create through the birthing process is called your resonance frequency. It is your life path and the vibration the Universe recognizes to spark the fires of your living breath, burning a path that forges and sets the direction for your life’s mission.

I believe that we all were originally born out of the center of this sacred zero and decided to experience and express life through the numeric vibrations of our birth dates and names.

Everything involving numbers starts and ends with the number zero. Each number has its own frequency, with defining qualities, personalities, characteristics, and potential, but we were all meant to ascend back to the comfort of this defining zero at the end of our journey, and for some of us, it has taken many, many lifetimes.

Your soul path describes the direction your life will take, what challenges you will encounter, and the opportunities you will come across. It tells you what your life journey will look like and how you connect with the outside world. The life path and the numbers derived from it (soul urge and achievement numbers) represent the traits and talents you were born with. There are magnetic forces that draw to you various vibrations, events, and circumstances throughout your life, and all of these are influenced by your soul life path number.

Every numeric Path has a unique energy pattern that embodies your identity and is represented through symbols, images, or the personal logo of our soul. It is called an archetype. On a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level, we are all multidimensional beings and these archetypes make it easier for your guides and angels to work with you. When you tap into your signature archetype, you trigger your imagination, the realm between time and space, which becomes the sacred meeting grounds between the worlds.

Your Soul Life Path is your resonant frequency. It is the vibration you signal to the Universe to attract and deliver everything that you need to develop your own archetype or Inner Hero and become the best version of yourself moving forward. Your “Inner Hero” is your higher-self beckoning you toward your true calling in life, your purpose and reason why you are here Now and nobody else can hear this voice but you because it is your calling and meant for your ears only.

There is a Universal sacred order to life. It requires that you walk your authentic path before you pursue your life purpose. When you are on the right path, it ultimately leads you to your purpose. Your job is to make sure you are in alignment with the right path designated specifically for you..


Your soul path is the sum total of your birth date, birth month, and birth year reduced to a single digit unless it is a Master Number of 11, 22, 33, 44 …

There are several ways to calculate your Soul Life Path Number but the basic way I teach is to add your day, month and year.

See Example.





TOTAL = 1999 = 1+9+9+9= 28 add 2+8=10 = 1


Life Path 3 is typically seen as a lucky and powerful number and is symbolic of success, intuition, and good fortune. It embodies the divine principle that underlines all life and represents the triangle symbolizing the synergistic sacred current of the trinity such as birth, life and death/ beginning, middle and end/ past, present, and future/ body, mind, and spirit.

It facilitates the highest expression of divinity.

In Egyptian Numerology, the number three comes in the form of “Divine Messenger,” it is the energy of expression used by the Angels, Guides, & Ascended Masters to communicate with us via the power of the “Three’s” such as the triple number sequence. 111, 222, 333 etc.. The angels use the number three to strengthen their bond with humanity. There is always a conjuring of magic when the number three is being presented within the language of creativity.

The number three is a lighthearted, easy-going, loving, and creative energy. It encourages us to express ourselves, speak our truth, and engage in self-loving activities.

With your acute sensitivity and empathy, you are an endless channel of creative energy along with the ability to express yourself through various art forms. The number three energy carries pure passion from the sun and is a continuous current of light representing expansion, expression, and communication.

Three also relates to giving outwardly, to openness and optimism. It inspires your sensitivity, intuition, empathic nature, and psychic abilities and demands that you experience your gifts on a deep and intimate level while expressing them creatively through the feelings of joy… and then share them with the outside world.

When connected to a Higher Source, Archangel Gabriel uses the energy of the number three as a conduit or portal to deliver inspiration through the use of your imagination and verbal or nonverbal expressions.

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