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Your Day of Birth is your Soul Urge Number. I describe your Soul Urge Number as the whisper or the breath of life that entered your body the moment you are born. It is the frequency of who you are in Spirit, manifesting physical vibrational form. This number helps you create and enhance the direction of your life and gives you the freedom of choice to stay in integrity with your authentic self. It reveals how you go about bringing your “Inner Light” to others to create beneficial and fulfilling relationships.

This is the frequency that we create from.

Your Soul Urge number is referred to as your character number. It reveals your personality traits, character behaviors, and your soul’s passions. It is the chief instigator to the challenges you encounter or the enhancement associated with your Life Path number.

This energy affects how you view the world, it colors your thinking process and helps you form your unique perspectives of life.

This number shows you what your soul is urging you to accomplish in this lifetime. It exposes the gifts, abilities and full potential of the talents you were born with that will most prominently guide your life path in this incarnation. Knowing, developing, and using these character traits to strengthen your path will clear the way for your purpose to reveal itself.

It helps you understand and respect the value you bring to the table in everyday situations and it is the underlying mechanism of your thought process and emotional maturity. You will better design your life in terms of progress and align with success. As with all the number frequencies, the higher your own energy level is maintained, the more powerful these forces become.

Knowing and understanding these numbers in your chart act as the driving force to improve the quality of life, attract more prosperity, nurture relationships, build careers, and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Your Soul Urge number is active from the moment you draw your first breath of air and stays as the dominating energy featured in your life until the age of 36. After the age of 36, your Destiny frequency merges into place making it important to develop your abilities, talents and gifts before this time. You were born with these qualities and they are meant to be developed in order to navigate your path, purpose and destiny.


BALANCE = Duality, Beauty, Peace, and Creativity

Balance between polarities of yin and yang, dark and light, and hot and cold is crucial. We rely on this matrix to assure the world that peace is possible. Divine connection in all things allows you to be the mediator in all affairs. Two pillars stand side by side; one is creativity, and the second is beauty.