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Every day we are faced with choices and everyday we make choices based on our experience with fear or courage. 

What separates a Challenge from an Opportunity?


In my experience, it is the deep desire to find peace within my life and when I've had enough suffering, I am willing to let go of resistance and search for inner truth.


When the "Dark Night of the Soul" knocks once or twice in a person's life, it can be easy to become swallowed within the abyss of death. This can take the face of depression, anxiety or just a series of bad decisions hoping to find a little pleasure within a momentary release.


I have written several articles on Egyptian Numerology and published in "Law of Attraction" magazine, and I write weekly articles for AskAstrology.com.  The one thing that interviewers want to know are about my struggles and challenges that I've had to face in my life and especially how Egyptian Numerology has helped me overcome them.

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and lived there most of my life until compelled to move to the high desert after the death of my parents.


After visiting Sedona, Arizona a couple times, I heard the voice calling from the red rocks. It said, “Welcome Home”.


Shortly after moving and getting settled in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona, I took a seven-day intensive workshop offered by Dr. Sharon Forrest covering the Ancient Wisdom of Egyptian Numerology.


I took the material home and did my own research which inspired my book, “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into The Fifth Dimension”. It was written as a guidebook to accompany me through teaching, workshops, chart readings, and my Mentorship Program.


I have had to overcome many challenges in my lifetime that shaped my spiritual perspective including rape, alcohol and drug addiction, infidelity, miscarriage, death of my daughters father, loss of both my parents, single parenthood, bankruptcy,  betrayal among family and friends, and the Dark Night of the Soul.


But I am also attracted to the lessons and solutions to overcome each challenge as is my responsibility as a human being and a light warrior.


Inside each of us is our very own “Truth Seeker”.


The truth seeker is our inner compass and North Star to remember who we really are.

If the element of the truth seeker did not already exist within us, there would be no Life path, purpose, discovery, awakening to higher wisdom, and the unfolding of compassion.

Because the element of the truth seeker is installed within us, there is a part of us that already knows who we truly are and wants to awaken to this divine mystery. Because this is a part of us, it summons us on a journey of discovery.


I’ve come to understand and believe on one level or another that our story does not really matter or at least not the details because the external conditions of my story may be different from yours.


I like to tell a different story. The story of humanity. Spoken in the language of the heart. Something we may all be able to understand.


I heard this story at a meditation meeting that I attend.


It is about an amazing clay Buddha statue, which was over 10 feet tall and weighs at least 2 tons. It was kept in a monastery in Thailand, but local developers were planning to tear down the monastery to make way for a new highway.


The monks arranged for a crane to come and move the Buddha to its new safe location. When the crane started to lift the statue, it began to crack. The crew had underestimated its weight. Wanting to protect their statue, the monks asked the developers to wait until they could figure out a better plan without causing further harm to the statue. The crew lowered the statue back down and decided to bring in a more powerful crane the next day. To add insult to injury, it started to rain, so the monks had to lovingly cover the statue with tarps to keep the moisture away.


Later that night, the lead monk took out his flashlight and went out to make sure the Buddha was alright. When the light of the flashlight shone in the crack of the clay, he saw a glimmer… A reflection of something underneath the shroud of clay.


He started to carefully chisel away the shards of clay. The glimmer grew brighter and hours later, he had chiseled away all the clay to reveal the presence of a Buddha made of solid gold.

The monk went back into the history books and found out that the Burmese army once invaded Thailand and because their Buddha was made of gold, the monks didn’t want the Burmese army to pillage it, so they covered the Golden Buddha with 12 inches of clay. Sadly, the monks were slaughtered in the invasion, and the secret of the Golden Buddha stayed hidden for two centuries.

And as new monks and people came through Thailand, all they saw was some dusty old Buddha.


They didn’t realize its value.

So, this is my story. This may be your story too, right? No matter where we come from, or the conditions surrounding us, we on some level or another get distracted from who we truly are and in the confusion, we do what is necessary to escape pain, the pain of our past, present, and future. In doing so, we inevitably cover ourselves under layers of fear, regret, resentment and sometimes forget who we are.


This story reminds us that we all have intrinsic value and there is nothing wrong with us.


I grew up being and feeling different than my family members. There were long periods of time when I cried every day because I did not understand the world I lived in. I withdrew from people and society in general until I couldn’t take it anymore and then at this crossroad, I started to speak my mind. This too, got me in a lot of trouble but I managed to change a few things in the process.

Nonetheless, life was a constant emotional battle. I was damned if I did and damned if I didn't.

Meaning, If I kept my mouth shut  (like a good little girl) and allowed things to happen that were completely against my truth, I would get stomach pains from holding in my emotions and if I spoke up to people, they took it as a moral challenge and consequently there would be immediate conflict.


The fear that something was wrong with me was why I started running away from pain, and why my intentions were so misguided. I was so confused and afraid of pain that I unskillfully tried to escape it, while what I was actually doing was covering up what was pure and good about me.

I consequently locked inside of me the very thing I was trying to escape from.

What did I want to escape from? The pain of feeling misunderstood, lonely, and rejected.

I wanted to escape the pain I felt from the story I made up about how I was unlovable because I was different and that no matter how hard I tried to fit into my family, school, and society, I failed at every attempt. it was all my fault, and I didn’t know how to change it.


We have all been hurt, rejected, betrayed, abandoned, and let down. We have all felt pain, grief, and sorrow. Yet, we are so resilient.

I finally understood that there is nothing wrong with me and there never was.


Egyptian Numerology honors the “Truth Seekers” path, the journey through self-discovery, the fulfillment of our Soul life agreements.


From my experience, once this door opens, there is seldom a sobering turning back. Our inner compass will never deceive us but rather supports our exterior landscape with the guidance and resources needed to advance further.


Through this process, I discovered that the very qualities that made me feel different, were my greatest assets and all of my challenges were preparing me for my life purpose.

All the cycles, timelines, people, places, and events were carefully orchestrated by my Soul life path. All the pieces to the puzzle came together so beautifully.


I learned that in order for me to attract my highest possibilities in life, I needed to raise and maintain a rather high energy field. This takes practice, devotion, and trust daily.

It is not so much about learning who I am as it is knowing that I am constantly changing, growing, and evolving. The journey never ends.


The area that is most enlightening when I work with individuals in my Mentorship program is the practice of raising our energy field in order to become, evolve, and attract possibilities beyond our daily belief system.


Once we open our eyes and hearts to our grand potential, we connect to the inevitable bounty of a limitless universe.


Setting intentions based on a deeper truth about ourselves, activates a momentum of abundance and  manifestation that moves rather quickly.


It is comparable to letting the racehorse out of the gate.


This type of commitment is not for everyone. Those who have worked with me will attest to the amount of honesty, willingness, discipline, and self-love required to grow at this capacity.

It is not for the spiritual wanderers but set up to advance the spiritual warriors.


For those who have graduated, I salute you. For those who are curious, I welcome you!

This charting experience helped me navigate through my fears and replace them with encouragement and confirmation which is priceless, but most importantly, it challenged me to develop areas of my life that had previously been blocked. Egyptian Numerology changed my life and pointed me in the direction that utilizes my gifts, abilities, potential, abundance, joy and peace.


Out of gratitude, I have dedicated my professional life to help others so that they may have the courage to listen to their “inner voice” and make the changes to their life that brings them similar results


It is my goal to help you find and embrace your own Soul Life Agreement so you can find ultimate peace in your journey and  have the opportunity to receive your Soul Life contract as it is written in your Birth Date and Name. This process  encourages you to seek the truth about yourself, confirm the path chosen, and challenge you to open your mind to inner vision and passionate dreams.

Mentorship Program

Egyptian Numerology is the Alchemy from Ancient Wisdom through the Frequencies of Numbers and the position of the planets used to transform your life toward prosperity, love, and overall, well-being. Working with the magical frequencies of Numbers transmutes lead into gold as challenges melt into pivotal opportunities. 


When we begin to understand the powerful forces behind the Frequencies of our Birth Date and Name, there are no coincidences in this accurate mapping as it points to not only our Soul Life Mission but our Path, Purpose and Destiny within.


There are Universal Laws governing each Number and when learning to access these, doors open toward a new frontier full of possibilities and unlimited dreams. Alchemy is where Science meets Spirit, and they join together for the pure fun of Creating. 


I walk individuals through their Soul Life Agreement and Journey in my 90 Day Program & System called "Uncover and Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology." My Book, "Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension", was published in 2018, featured in 91 major cities and 24 News Channels. I've written and published several articles and have been interviewed in 3 different countries.


My Goal and Mission Statement is to provide an Accurate and Detailed roadmap encouraging, confirming and challenging individuals to fulfill what they came here to do, elevate  Spiritual Awareness by inviting the realm of the 5th Dimension, and opening  the Heart Chakra to touch your life in ways never imagined possible.


If you are ready to leap into the abyss of illumination allowing the Alchemy of Ancient Wisdom through Egyptian Numerology to alter your human experience, this 90 Day Program & System is for you!

I have worked with many private clients and conducted workshops. I live my dream of opening up to my intuitive, channeling, psychic, and healing abilities. I channel and write with my spirit guides on Egyptian Numerology, and I share my gifts with interested clients. I have created “ Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology 90 Day Mastery Program”, a series of 9 sessions into the world of number frequencies, the categories that affect our lives, and how they are applied to our past, present and future.


Every spiritual warrior, soul seeker, and individual following the Truth Seeker within who desires to embrace and take responsibility for their life will better understand their Path, Purpose and Destiny in order to illuminate  and share their innate gifts with the world.


I work with people just like you who are soul journey seekers, spiritual warriors, people ready to advance their spiritual directive, those searching for enlightenment and direction in life, and are willing to make a commitment to identify and utilize their unique abilities and live a life through their highest potential. This includes:

  • Consultants

  • Authors

  • Government Officials

  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Healthcare Professionals

  • Massage Therapists

  • Teachers

  • Real Estate Agents

  • Artists

  • Sales Professionals

  • Photographers

  • Health & Wellness Coaches

  • Chefs

  • Animal Communicators

  • Firemen/Women

  • Pilots

  • Mechanics

  • Professional Drivers

  • Intuitive, psychic, and sensitive healers

  • People who feel restless, depressed, or stuck with their present life choices

  • Engineers

  • People searching for encouragement to move forward into a new venture

  • Confirmation that they made the right decisions with their life choices

  • People who desire to locate their fear barriers in order to release them

  • People who truly want to know their Soul Life Mission and live it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes You Different From Other Numerology Programs?

I’m concerned with how to get forward movement in your life, confirmation on your path, and helping you to live your truth. I am different from other Numerologists or Ascension guides or coaches because I don’t settle for one dimensional explanations of number vibrations. I understand that the veils of consciousness have been lifting for several decades and it is not only vital that we take advantage of the Higher wisdom now available to us, but also start resonating to the higher frequencies that we are being called to merge with. Traditional numerology was originally translated at a much lower frequency because at the time, that’s where the mass consciousness was coming from but now, we have the grand opportunity to raise our perceptions to meet the needs of our elevated awareness. I will give you the number frequencies from your Soul Life Contract translated through the fifth dimension which is the plane of love and living totally from the Heart center. You may not like what I have to tell you, but you can be sure I will always tell you the truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start getting results and correct any area of your life that is out of balance. We work together as a team because I will challenge you to take a new direction in life after we view your new vision. The vision is exposing, and in that essence we share parts of your life more outwardly. We brainstorm ideas about how to connect with the parts of you that may have become disconnected and examine the barriers that have previously blocked you from moving forward and onward in your life. Underneath, you will be exposed and vulnerable but my process in guiding you to embrace your authentic life will get you ready for empowerment and unleash unlimited possibilities toward fulfilling your dreams.

What Type Of Personality Do You Work Best With & What Is Expected Of Me?

“Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology 90 Day Mastery Program was created for people who are absolutely excited, dead serious about revealing their Soul Life Mission, and desire to start living their authentic life. It means having a deep sense of purpose knowing that you are following your soul life path and achieving your life purpose. The moments of wondering “what’s next?” or “what went wrong?” will vanish and an order of peace and confidence will surface where restlessness and anxiety once resided. This program was created for you to put a system in place within a few months (sometimes weeks!), which will eventually lead you to a better understanding of yourself in at least 9 clear areas of your life. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of understanding, perceiving, and viewing your life while I support you with this incredibly exciting goal. Your life will take on a Divine meaning and direction in a relatively short period of time. This type of work is not for the faint of heart. It is for true spiritual warriors, soul seekers, and people who are ready to take responsibility for their Soul Life Agreement. The rewards are life altering in the sense that you will walk out with a perspective of your life similar to putting on a new pair of glasses with lenses that give you a clear vision of who you are, why you came here, and what you need to do in order to achieve an authentic life. I work best with people who have an open mind and a willingness to be true to themselves. I will unveil some genuine information about yourself that you might not want to look at, but know that in your truth, must be acknowledged. I expect complete honesty and disclosure regarding your abilities and potential in life and where you want to go. I will not expose anything that is not in your Soul Life Contract and I expect you take responsibility for the direction you’re headed in and where you need to go in order to follow your original Path, Purpose and Destiny.

What Type Of Professionals Is Your Program "NOT" Going To Work?

Please know that I’m very selective in who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.) “Unveiling your Soul Life Agreement with Egyptian Numerology” Programs are NOT for people (without exception) who resist the concept of a Higher Source, dishonest about their abilities and potential, chronic skeptics, individuals who consistently make excuses for not getting their assignments done or challenge every aspect of the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money.

What exactly does “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology 90 Day Mastery Program" include?

Revealing your Soul Life Agreement takes you on a journey into the world of Number frequencies and their unique architypes, characteristics and qualities. It is based on the theory that we all made a Soul Contract Agreement before we were born and it is encoded in our Birth Date and Name. I have a unique system on how to unveil your innate abilities and highest potentials translated through the dimension of love and living totally from your heart. Knowing this about yourself will not only answer pressing questions about your life journey but will show you the Path, Purpose and Destiny you were born to live! How this program works: 1. INSIGHT INTO YOURMAGIC Explore your unique gifts and abilities. We learn how to enhance these qualities to support you on your Soul Life Path. We also call on your "Spirit Guides" to join us on this journey and record the magic of synchronicity, law of attraction, and your intuition as they start to manifest in your daily life. 2. FINDING YOUR PATH We cover the journey path your life has taken through specific timelines. In Egyptian Numerology, we work with life cycles and allow the unfolding of signigicant events & circumstances that you might've thought were inconsequental but were actually stepping stones leading you to where you ultimately needed to be. There are no coincidences in life because "everything" happens for a reason and we explore your history. 3. CLEARING TRIGGERS & BARRIERS We use an ancient Egyptian Astrological Chart to map out the definitive life challenges you came into this incarnation with. We use a safe past life regression technique to clear literally lifetimes of Karmic garbage that is holding you back in the present moment and your future dreams. I have precise tools we use to clear triggers & barriers and strengthen areas of your life to help support your new vision. 4. UNLEASHING YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES You will utilize your own psychic and intuitive abilities to channel and unleash the energy of the numbers you were born under and raise them to their highest and pure form using various techniques and elements that resonate with your energy centers. "Everything" is connected and in Egyptian Numerology, we blend the elements that work specifically with you. If you are sensitive to sound, we work with crystal singing bowls, if you resonate with natures elements, we work with the nature spirits, if you are a visual person, we will focus on colors. We find your passions and build a momentum. It is not uncommon to find that several techniques work simultaneously. What fun!!! 5. REVEAL YOUR SOUL LIFE PURPOSE Once on your Path and Barriers are removed, we can work on your Soul Life Purpose. Now you are really ready to move forward in raising your Energy Field and begin to see your vision more clearly. We go deep into the reason you came into this lifetime. We clear any resentments, disappointments, and energy leaks you may be carrying that drain you so we can free up your vitality & life force. 6. CONCRETE PLAN OF ACTION We form a "Concrete" Plan of action to fulfill your Life Dreams and Goals. This is followed by personal affirmations designed specifically for you. We take it a step further and clear old beliefs and projections by making "Journey Statements" that support and protect the direction of your Soul Life Purpose. 7. THE UNIQUE SOUL Every soul is unique and depending on your personal number frequencies found in your chart, we venture in the direction they take us in. Your Spirit Guides and Angels are in the forefront showing us what needs to be revealed. If you are an energy worker, then we work with energy, if you work best with the elements, we work with the nature spirits and if you are a star seed, then we work on planetary channeling etc... It is "All" very exciting!!! 8. REVIEW YOUR SOUL LIFE AGREEMENT Create the Divine vision that belongs to your Soul Life Mission and what steps to take to move forward and onward in your journey using all the information we have accumulated in the program. When living to the capacity of your highest potential , there are a few common denominators that we experience; sense of completion, service to others, contact with the spirit realm, increased intuition, psychic and healing abilities. 9. CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS We look at all your accomplishments and how you have applied your abilities and gifts to achieve your Soul Life Agreement and fulfill your Life Mission.

Does This Really Work?

Absolutely!!! The results are life altering and everyone graduates from this program with a better understanding of their Soul Life Journey. You will gain a clear perspective of your Divine mission here on this planet and the steps to take to move forward with confidence.

What Results Can I Expect?

You Can Expect To: Gain unshakable confidence in yourself (a lot of my clients tell me that is worth the investment alone) Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion with purpose and ease. Get crystal clear on your innate abilities and your highest potential, tap into your Soul Life Contract including your path, purpose and destiny (and so much more) Forgive yourself, others and find more peace and compassion in your life, Have big breakthroughs and ahh/hha moments, Establish new standards for yourself, Identify misplaced or lost passions, Understand why past trauma and obstacles happened in your life and what you can do to empower yourself, Feel empowered and excited about the future, Create healthy boundaries especially if you are empathic, Find out why you felt that you didn’t fit in or why you feel different from other people, Raise your self-esteem and self confidence, End the drama cycles, patterns, and accept responsibility for your life choices, Connect with your psychic, healing, and intuitive abilities, Understand how your soul is awakening and developing, Breakout in Creativity, Learn how to serve yourself and others with integrity and authenticity, Recognize why you feel irritable, discontent and restless around life choices, Gain insights into the cabinet of your soul, Learn about the intricate balance of your energy centers and how to raise their vibrations, Clear Karmic Debts from past lifetimes, Find out if you are a wounded healer or walker of the dark night of the soul and learn the Divine reasoning behind it, Learn to heal the inner child, low self-esteem, and self-worth

Can I Contact Some Of Your Former Clients To See What It’s Like To Work With You?

Yes, I encourage you to! Please go the Client Testimonials page and read all of them and to my book reviews on Amazon. See which ones you feel drawn to, either because the person has gotten the results you want to get, or perhaps because that person is in a similar situation. Then feel free to email or call them and ask what they got from working with me and my program.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

That all depends on how open minded you are and how quickly you can make the inner shifts required to fully engage in this program. Some clients are ready to comprehend the material and information in a very short time frame, sometimes even a few weeks, while others have a bit more to do first. It also depends on how willing you are to raise your energy field and take the necessary steps to tap into your higher self. Although, this is not a necessary process in order to understand the material, I can guarantee that you will get better results if you do.

How Can I Guarantee That I Will Get More Clarity Into My Soul Life Mission In Record Time?

Do all of your homework...some will consist of meditation and exercises for raising your energy field. Be totally committed to your success. Understand that this is a process, a proven one, that works if you take action and implement all of the steps. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of the “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology 90 Day Mastery Program"have successfully learned how to map their soul life contract in much less time than they would have on their own and have been thoroughly grateful for these techniques and findings. They are working in the direction of their purpose, feel fulfilled, and excited about life.

What Are My Options For Getting Started With You?

Congratulations on making a decision to map out your Soul Life contract Agreement with Egyptian Numerology! I’m happy to work with you to achieve your Soul Life Mission! The best way to work with me is in my 90 day “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology” Mastery Program. Use the link below and schedule a free 30 minute strategycall with me. You can also email me at opentothe5th@gmail.com

Can I Call You?

Great, sounds like you’re ready to Manifest your highest possible future! Yes, if you have questions, schedule a Free 30 Minute call with me and I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I can’t wait to see you unveil your authentic self and I am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get started!

Sara, Based On Everything I’ve Read & Heard About You, I Know You’re The One I Want To Learn From. What Are My Options For Getting Started With You?


Congratulations on making a decision to map out your Soul Life contract Agreement with Egyptian Numerology! I’m happy to work with you to achieve your Soul Life Mission! The best way to work with me is in my 90 day “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement and Manifest your Destiny with Egyptian Numerology” Mastery Program.


Use the link below and schedule a free 30 minute strategy call with me. You can also email me at opentothe5th@gmail.com


Ok, I’m Ready To Do This For Myself, But I Have A Couple Of Additional Questions. Can I Call



Great, sounds like you’re ready to Manifest your highest possible future! Yes, if you have questions, schedule a Free 30 Minute call with me and I’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you. I can’t wait to see you unveil your authentic self and I am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get started!
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