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What I’ve learned is that there are no negative and positive astrological or numerological signs to be born into; these are just wonderful, glorious tools we can use to explore, expand, and express our unique blueprints, which brings us to the discussion of duality.
Duality exists for balance between the positive and negative; one cannot live without the other. To understand duality truly, one must evolve beyond it. If you’re living in duality, you are living with the possibility of judgment, unless you are observing as just a witness.
One might ask, “How can I live without duality? How do I live without the effects of positive and negative, yin and yang, white and black, logic and intuition, hot and cold?”
And really, the only answer to this is love. When we stop having the need to define differences and to label our experiences, and when we are willing to accept life as perfect exactly as it is, then these binaries naturally disappear from our vocabulary and we elevate to a much higher dimension.

"Sneak Preview"

A sequel to Sara Bachmeier’s first book, Egyptian Numerology, this new book describes in greater detail the challenges, blessings, lessons, and teachings that all wounded healers are prone to endure and must learn to integrate while traveling on their intended path, purpose, and destiny in this incarnation. It covers Master Numbers, Nameology, life cycles and so much more....


In The Path of a Wounded Healer, Sara helps people understand nothing is random, and everything has purpose and reason. Once you understand the value of your soul-life agreement, you can find peace and determination strong enough to go beyond human limitations and conditions to heal some of life’s most difficult challenges and to help others as they trudge the road on their destined path.

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