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Egyptian Numerology teaches us that it is not the experience in life that defines us but rather our reaction to the experience. 


I take the number light codes you chose to be born with off your date of birth and through your birth name. This reveals your soul DNA road map or sacred contract that you agreed to before your incarnation into your current life.  

This type of charting has three major components that affect everyone. It serves to encourage you to discover your Soul life mission, confirm that you are on the right path and challenges you to make the changes necessary to live a life of alignment and equanimity by reaching higher goals than you ever dreamed possible.  

All numbers are symbols and light codes that hold vibrations you created from the essence of your soul. 


Egyptian Numerology helps you define the frequency you chose when you entered this life and describe to you in words the various areas of your life that are affected by this frequency.  This enables you to navigate a better understanding or perspective of the life you chose to live.

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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact Day of Birth in Egyptian Numerology.

Example Birth Date: 10/04/1959 -  your Soul Urge Number is the number 4.

It is referred to as your "Character Number". It reveals your Souls Passions, Personality Traits, and Character Behaviors.

Your Soul Urge Number reveals your deepest motivators and exposes the innate gifts that you were born with. It unapologetically describes the way you are and the magic you put into the world. It represents the way in which your actions spark a whole series of causes and effects that attract unique experiences, universal gifts, and unlimited rewards. It also reveals how you go about bringing your inner light to others to create mutually beneficial and fulfilling relationships.


 Your Soul life path is the sum of your birth day, month and year reduced down to a single digit unless it is a Master Number.

 It describes the direction your life will take, what challenges you encounter, and the opportunities you come across. It tells you what your life journey looks like and how you connect with the outside world.

This number represents the direction that you chose to journey on. It inevitably follows the law of attraction because the Universe recognizes this frequency and uses it to bring magnetic forces that draw to you various vibrations including people, events, and circumstances throughout your life and all of these are influenced by your soul life path number.

Calculation: example Date of Birth: 10/04/1959 





    1973 = 19 + 73 = 92 (9+2) =11 Soul Life Path is Master Number 11/2 


     The Karmic lesson number used in comprising your birth chart is a unique Astrological calculation found only in Egyptian Numerology. It is a formula taken off of your sun sign. It is the number that shows your opportunities for receiving lessons. Your karmic number is what drives you forward to meet your challenges and motivates you to move onward toward your soul path and highest evolution. Not only does understanding your karmic number help you resolve past actions in other lifetimes; it also helps you reap the rewards from seeds you have sown in this lifetime.

When working with this number, we bring to our attention the use of high and low frequency. When the number vibration is working on a higher frequency, we creating what is known as our virtues, and when we are using our number frequencies on a lower level, we are choosing to vibrate and create what we call our vices. 


     In Egyptian Numerology your Soul Life Purpose Number is the sum of your Karmic Lesson number and your Soul Life Path Number. Here we take your life lessons and your life path and combine their value to bring what you've been trying to heal over many lifetimes and definitely want to heal in this lifetime. This is your personal number, and it points to your true soul calling or vocation in life. This value is considered one of the most important numbers to understand because it will show you how to best serve yourself and others.



  Your Heart's Desire is the arithmancy of the vowels in your birth name. The vowels are considered fluid and soft, describing the deepest passions and motivators of your heart center. It holds the true vision of what you came here to do in this lifetime. When we are children, we often know what we want to be when we grow up, before the dramas of life set in and blanket our dreams with  directions of what we should do, or have to do, instead of what we desire to do. We already know what we are here to do and we keep the answer safe and sound within our Heart's Desire Number.


 The Personality or Expression Number is the arithmancy of the consonants in your birth name. This number defines how you bring your Heart's Desire into manifestation in the material world. The personality is like the clothes you wear; it protects us, defines us or both. Persona is a complement to the inner aspects of the essential self. It portrays your personal style, behaviors, and how you imagine and present yourself to the world on both the conscious and unconscious levels. 



 Your Destiny number is the arithmancy total of the vowels and consonants in your birth name. It describes our potential natural talents, abilities and embraces the truth of what you came here to do through the power of your Heart's Desire Number and the expression of the Personality Number. We look to this number to discover the hidden passions, talents and abilities that affect your world and how to develop them further to create the best possible future. This number becomes effective around the age of 36 and older. 


This number is found by adding your day of birth to your birth month and reducing it to a single digit, unless it is a master number of eleven through ninety-nine. This is your personal power number. It is the force within you that you call upon to pull you out of the trenches when the sky is dark and there is no one else around to save you. It is also the vehicle you use to uplift your spirits and raise your vibrations in meditation to reach the state of nirvana. This frequency is how the outside world perceives you and your fallback character when you think no one is looking. Your achievement number is also called your attitude number and has been a driving force in your life ever since you took your first breath of air, and it will continue to mature with you during your lifetime.


 Everyone has a personal year number and every year has its own frequency.  The personal year number is your numerology vibration personalized for the current year. It is calculated by using your day of birth, birth month and the current year. This number changes every year and will follow the numerology one through nine and start over again with the number one when the nine year is finished. You will use the same calculation format as you would to determine your life path.


 The Golden Goal or Harvest number is the energy you will be serving in your later years. This is somewhere between your second and third Saturn return. Saturn orbits approximately every 29 years so the age we are looking at are somewhere between fifty eight to eighty seven years. This is where we get our second wind in life and demonstrate a noble attempt to complete or accomplish all the things on our bucket list. The best part about this term is that we are supplied with an incredible amount of experience and knowledge from our previous years.

Right when we thought we were going to retire and take it easy, a stream of inspiration floods our consciousness and we begin to get busy with making our dreams come true. 


 Your Inner Guidance is essentially our Higher Self. This number frequency is what your higher self uses to solve your life challenges or bring answers to difficult internal questions. It is the vibration you have chosen to respond to when you need inner guidance on a daily basis. 

Spirit Guides are incorporeal beings assigned to us before birth. Everyone has a Spirit helper looking after them and they are always here to guide, protect and support us. Your Spirit Guides bring wisdom and perspective of many lifetimes and their purpose is to guide us through life to achieve our highest purpose on our Soul Journey. These guides are responsible for helping you fulfill the spiritual contract you made before incarnation.

 Some guides or Guardian Angels will stay with us throughout our entire life and others will enter every now and again to assist in clarifying specific areas of your life or goals that you are in the process of achieving. They can vary in levels of consciousness. Some may be ascended masters (such as Jesus) and others might be a deceased relative. They may be spirits who’ve had physical incarnations or they might be ones that never incarnated before.


 All of the above categories are included in the "Birds Eye View" chart reading. I've had the privilege to read hundreds of charts for people and have been witness to miraculous changes in their lives after they have received a reading. The most remarkable ones come from very successful people that have broke down in tears after acknowledging that somewhere on their journey to success, they had become lost. The reading clarified what areas needed to be strengthened in order to bring balance and harmony back to their Soul. Other precious events that happens once people resonate in their highest frequencies, is that they inevitably choose to be of service to others.

     Egyptian Numerology is fascinating because it encourages us to be our true and authentic selves. It helps us become the best version of ourselves and if we choose to resonate in our highest frequencies, we naturally emanate love and light and become a beacon for others to follow. 


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Love, Light & Living It !!! 

Sara Bachmeier


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