Sara Bachmeier/ Author is Hosting this Workshop and Introducing a New Frequency only Found in EGYPTIAN NUMEROLOGY. It is called the "Conscious Creator" Number/Frequency/Vibration.


It works with your Personal Year Number and the Universal Year Number which is a Key to Manifesting your Goals for 2020.

It is a Very High Frequency that literally Unlocks your Abundance Code which Spirit recognizes and is waiting for you to ACCESS NOW!!!

The Personal Year Number and Universal Year Number are Powerful Forces that are always actively productive and involved in your daily life. The secret to making them perform in your favor is to tune into their frequencies, set your intentions and take the necessary action to Align yourself with your Goals.

Don't have goals yet? No Problem, the beginning mediation is designed to raise your Frequencies/ Spiritual Awareness opening your portal to Imagination and the Realm of All Possibilities. 

I will calculate and review your Personal Year Number with you and the Universal Year vibration.

The Grand Finale is when I reveal your "Conscious Creator" Number Frequency for this year. Wow, Boom, Bang... there you have it!!

We will use the Zero Point Field meditation to calibrate you into Alignment with the Magical Force behind your Abundance Code!

Why does Spirit recognize this frequency? Because the calculation for the "Conscious Creator" Number has a High Frequency rating when using both your Personal and Universal Year Numbers. It is literally shoots out into the Stratosphere where the Angelic Realms exit... In the 5th Dimension.

The definitions for the "Conscious Creator" Frequencies are channeled to me by my Guides revealing your Activation Code to Abundance. Your Guides and Angels are always cheering you on and leading you toward your Spiritual Evolution. Now they are putting the Key in your hands and asking you to Access their Assistance NOW!!!

Please Join me in Making 2020 an Outstanding Year!!!

Thank you, 

To Your Love, Light & Living It!!!



This process is unbelievable. Everything that I received in my reports last year in your workshop came to fruition and I'm so excited to get started for this coming year. I don't know how you are able to tap into your insights but they are always right on target with my spiritual growth. You seriously have to offer this course all over the world.



I could not believe how accurate the Personal Year Report is. I had a dream about the Universal Year 22 and saw your Workshop being offered. I knew I was being guided. It is in perfect alignment with what I need to achieve next in my life and career. I am so excited to work with my Conscious Creator Frequency. I can already feel the power seeping into my daily life. I will keep you posted!


I wasn't sure what I wanted to manifest before coming to your workshop but after reading my reports, I am positive that I would've been shooting too low if I came with preconceived ideas. Thank You so much for your insight and guidance. I know now what I need to do and I am motivated to get started right away. 


I am a testimonial to the power & magic of your Conscious Creator Workshop. Last year, I followed the messages that I received from you and tripled my business income by just making a few necessary changes. I'm definitely on board again this year. Can't Wait!