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Hi, it's Sara from Egyptian Numerology here.

When you’re out of alignment with your inner power, life can feel like a constant struggle.

That’s why I’m so excited to invite you to join me for my FREE Master Class -  “Activate Your Hidden Superpowers"

In this Masterclass, I'll show you how to unlock your TRUE potential - and become your very own Superhero!

We'll talk about the three most important numbers  you need to know to create a higher version of your reality and allow you to fulfill your destiny.

Click the link BELOW to join me as we discover and activate your inner superpowers.




MARCH 21ST 2023  




In order for the teachings of mystical spirituality to come true in your life, you must make them the central force in your life.

You must center your life around them and infuse them into every aspect of your life

-The Egyptian Book of the Dead-


Join Group and Presentation:




In Egyptian Numerology, your Heart’s Desire category is viewed as a treasure chest where we have stored the true nature of our Life Path and Purpose within the safe compounds of our hearts. 


Your heart never lies to you or confuses intuitive information. It is honest and pure. 


If you ever want to know the true nature of how you feel, ask your heart. 


This altruistic information can get easily clouded over whenever we compromise our authentic nature. But, when unobstructed by illusions of the mind, our heart navigates our soul journey from a place of truth, honesty, and peace. 


In numerology, the vowels in your birth name are calculated and totaled to find and express the category in numerology charting as your Heart’s Desire. 


Your birth name is your sacred oracle word. It is a combination of both vowels and consonants.

The vowels are powerful, and no words can be spoken without the use of these intimate tools.


They are considered a doorway and corridor into the very aspect of our lives. They hold the link to the angelic realm, and the nature spirit guides as well.


We stored the very delicate ingredient to our vocation and ordination within the chamber of our hearts.


There is only one key that opens this treasure trove, and you are the holder of this key. Our hearts only open with our willingness and our earnest command. 


The heart is more powerful than mind. With an electrical component about 60 times greater and an electromagnetic energy field 5000 times greater than the brain's, the heart has a significant influence on the body down to the cellular level. The brain's rhythms along with the respiratory and blood pressure rhythms entrain with the heart's rhythm.


How does this help you?

Knowing your Hearts Desire helps you clarify your life mission and if you are a spiritual coach, it gives you insight towards your client’s original blueprint and what they need to do to get on track to align with their path and purpose. 


You will be able to find the beliefs, fears, or choices they made in the past that may have sent them on a detour. 


Although there are no mistakes, there is a definitive Tao to living in alignment with your Heart’s Desire.







1:00 MT/PT AND 4:00 ET

(Replay Available)

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