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MAY 10TH 2022 



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In order for the teachings of mystical spirituality to come true in your life, you must make them the central force in your life. You must center your life around them and infuse them into every aspect of your life

-The Egyptian Book of the Dead-



The Egyptians had mystery schools, and within these various studies were initiations that one had to pass through in order to enter the gates of spiritual awareness.

They worked with number frequencies and not only their characteristics but the laws that govern them.

 In Egyptian numerology, there are twelve initiations on our path to spiritual awareness. Initiations come to us in the form of virtues. They hold the keys to a higher knowledge, understanding of ourselves, and an acute perception of the world around us. When we accept the invitation to spiritual awakening, we begin to recognize, practice, and implement them in our daily lives. If we desire to achieve personal attainment, these initiations are steppingstones to reaching an elevated state of consciousness.

All initiations are acts of personal power. They show up in our lives as opportunities to adopt virtues, and these specific merits hold a high level of energy when implemented in our lives daily.

The vibrations of our life path numbers have magnetic qualities, attracting specific people, places, events, and circumstances to us, and these circle or orbit our lives in an attempt to bring us opportunities to advance our spiritual directives concerning the meaning found within these initiations, virtues, or lessons.

Each of us can go an entire lifetime or more not completing these lessons only to return in attempt to finalize the ascension back home.

Initiations offer an opening to a higher awareness, exclusive opportunities, and a soul revelation. If we find ourselves out of alignment, there is sure to be an initiation that is blocked, or maybe we have been unwilling to accept, implement, and explore the depths of its truth within our lives.

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