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Our Achievement Number introduces the energy used to manifest everything we need to follow our path, pursue our passions and forge forward to achieve our Destiny. We calculate this placement by adding our Birth month to our Birth date and reducing the total to a single digit unless it is a Master Number.

I often describe our Achievement number in relation to our Soul Urge Number because both numbers in our chart describe our unique gifts, abilities, talents and potential.

Our Soul Urge number is calculated through our “Day of Birth” and is responsible for bringing us opportunities to develop our unique qualities needed to succeed on our path, purpose, and destiny.  I describe our Soul Urge Number as the whisper or breath of life that entered our body the moment we are born. It is the frequency of who we are in Spirit, manifesting vibrational form.

This frequency is how we view the world, affects how we think and forms our perspectives revealing how we go about bringing our “Inner Light” to others creating beneficial and fulfilling relationships. This is the frequency that we create from.

Our Achievement Number is like the wind behind our breath. It is about movement, inspiration and motivation. It shows us how we act and when to act. It is the driving force behind our expression and how we conduct our essential selves. It is the flame of inspiration that gets us really moving on projects or the objects of our desire. It is the frequency we use to pounce on new opportunities and how we go about delivering our unique messages to the world.

Our Achievement number is responsible for bringing us the energy and momentum needed to fulfill our life journey. Both work side by side to strengthen our desire to move forward and onward with our lessons & blessings.

Achievement Numbers describe our personal power. It is what fuels our motivation in life. It is the force within us we call upon to pull us out of the trenches when the sky is dark and there is no one else around to save us. It is the vehicle we use to uplift our spirits and raise our vibrations in meditation to reach the state of nirvana. This frequency is how the outside world perceives us and our fallback character when we think no one is looking. Our achievement number is also called our “attitude number” and has been a driving force in our lives ever since we took our first breath of air, and it continues to mature throughout our lifetime.

Like all the numbers, its potency is contingent on our energy level. The higher we vibrate, the stronger it works for us, and the gifts and talents of this number continue to bear fruit and support us. If our frequency is low, it continues to challenge us and serves as a reminder to up our game. All our challenges are opportunities for growth, so the lower our frequency, the more challenges we encounter. This is a Universal Law, and it plays out beautifully in the vibrational force of numbers.

All we need to do is witness what happens to us when we choose to have a loving perspective versus a hateful one in any given situation, on any day, and at any moment. It is used as a barometer to measure the level of energy we are using. When our attitude takes a turn for the worse, we instantly attract negative energy and circumstances. How many more challenges do we encounter when we start the day on the wrong side of the bed? How many blessings do we attract when we begin our day in silent contemplation, gratitude, and compassion? This is how our achievement/attitude Number works. It is our choice. Do we want to work with it or against it?

It is in direct alignment with our Soul life agreement meaning that when we determined our souls mission before incarnation, we reviewed this information with our Spirit Guides and Angels and asked ourselves, “ What energy or force will I need within me to accomplish these things?”

The influence of our Achievement number guarantees that when we are focused on our mission, we have all that it takes to complete what we came here to do.

Understanding our Achievement number gives us the opportunity to align with forces enhancing the outcome of any situation. We have special gifts that we can use to achieve the greatest possible outcome in any situation with confidence. We were born with this magic power to be productive to survival but most important it serves as the dynamic strength toward our success.

When we embracing our Soul Urge and Achievement Numbers, we combine forces that ultimately drive us toward an opening beyond our wildest dreams. As with all the number frequencies, the higher our energy level, the more powerful these forces become.

Knowing and understanding these numbers in our chart act as the driving force that improves the quality of our lives, attracts prosperity, nurture relationships, build careers and accelerate spiritual growth.


Like the master number eleven, you are destined to enter the dark night of the soul during your first Saturn return (twenty-eight years). This will be entirely necessary for you in order to achieve your destiny in this lifetime.

You were given the strength and tenacity to overcome all diversity, so any setbacks will only make you stronger and wiser. You are creative, imaginative, and your dream world is connected to spirit. You knew from a young age that you are here to do some amazing things. Power surges through you when you start to manifest your ambitions and others are drawn toward your charisma, courage, and perseverance. This only reinforces your drive forward in success with the projects you encounter and those that are still waiting to be discovered in your fluid imagination.

Understanding structures fascinates you, and as you mature, you learn that the foundation in all areas of life need to be solid in order to create long-lasting bonds, whether in relationships, business, or buildings. Nature is always your ultimate teacher and friend in adventures and discoveries. These elements hold not only the secrets to inner and outer healing but also the properties of sustaining life itself, and somewhere deep down you know that this is the true foundation you’ve been searching for.

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