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Your destiny number describes your potential natural talents and abilities using the numerology arithmancy gathered from the total of the vowels and consonants given at birth, and reduced to a single-digit number, unless it is a master number of eleven through ninety-nine. Your name has to do with the ways and reasons you project what you do into the world. The various ways we present ourselves in the world are shown by expression, and the choices we make are the aspects of our lives that we can use to mold our futures. Your name is your power of choice. The right words define your level of knowledge and experience. They are the keys that open the doors to the life you desire. Words are a control system for our own personal magic and the most powerful word in your personal universe is your name.

The power to create the future you want lies within you, and through the knowledge of power in your name, you’ll learn some keys that can help unlock your inner magic. Your destiny number embraces the truth of what you came here to do through the power of your heart’s desire number. We want to look at this number and discover the hidden passions, talents, and abilities that affect your world and how it is working for you now or how it can work for you in the future.

Your personality number is your outward expression of yourself and how the world perceives you. It reflects what you are portraying back to you. How do you see yourself and the world around you? Are you using your abilities to your highest potential or are you attracting fear, negativity, and darkness? This number plays an important role in your destiny and demands that you stay in integrity with the highest frequency possible in order to conduct yourself in alignment with your destiny.

Because your destiny is a combination of your heart’s desire number and your expression number, whenever you have a question about the authenticity of your ultimate path in life, look first at these two numbers and check to see if you are serving them in their highest frequency. Your destiny number will only be productive if you are being honest in your heart and showing the world who you truly are.


The Destiny number is the sum total of the vowels and consonants in your Birth name. Reduce the total to a single digit unless it is a Master Number. Use the arithmancy conversion chart below. The letter Y is used as a consonant except when it is the first letter in a person’s first or last name, such as Yolanda, Yvon, or Yvette. The letter Y is considered a vowel if there are no other vowels in the name, such as Bly or Flynn.

EXAMPLE: SANDRA LEE SMITH – Sandra = 1+1+5+4+9+1= 21 (2+1) =3

Lee – 3+5+5= 13 (1+3) =4

Smith = 1+4+9+2+8 = 24 (2+4) = 6

ADD 3+4+6=13 (1+3)=4


A J S – 1 B K T – 2 C L U – 3 D M V – 4 E N W – 5 F O X – 6 G P Y – 7 H Q Z – 8 I R – 9


The enormous power within you has the potential to be a great builder or destroyer. The truth is, you collectively learn from both sides of the pendulum. It is important for you to recognize your immense strength and to come to terms with which side of the table you want to play from. Since trial and error is also a part of your destiny, you will want to take into account the meaning within the frequencies of your other numbers. The double twos ensure peaceful qualities, and the number four is about structure, strength, and perseverance.

Your highest destiny will be to follow your path, work your karma, and bring your qualities of peace and order toward the good of all humankind. Your destiny will have you working the lower number four until you reach maturity (forty years or older). You will need to master the vibrations of this number before you can begin to activate the magic of number twenty-two. Learning the lessons of the four is a precursor to the power of the higher frequencies.

All Master Numbers are incarnated with the potential of being Wounded Healers. The 22 has all the elements of Master Number 11 and in addition, has the personal ambition to manifest.

Because the lower equation of the master number 22 Is the number four, this person must establish grounding in most areas of their life. They must learn the freedom within stability, order, strength, and routine. The number four in a Master Number learns the qualities of courage before merging into the full mastery of their 22 powers. Courage requires stepping outside our comfort zones and trusting your intuition enough to take action against all odds.

Not all acts of courage need an audience. There are the spiritual acts of bravery that we succumb to when nobody is looking. These are quiet moments in seclusion when we surrender to our own truths and commit to a level of consciousness beyond our previous comprehension. It usually involves the shedding of old skin, willingness to surrender old beliefs, fears of the unknown, and willingness to grow wings to become a butterfly—the kind of courage that a caterpillar requires in the chrysalis process. It is a sojourn journey.

Perfectionism runs deep within the fibers of their being and learning how to let go of control and allow the sacred natural order of the universe to be in the driver’s seat will ease the burdens of their creative process.

When they work in tandem with Spirit, they deliver exceptional creative abilities and display their unique powers in the form of productivity and order. When in alignment with pure Source, their gift of manifestation spreads its wings to include family, friends, community, and humanity at large.

Your path is to stay focused, learn to channel higher wisdom, and build your grandest castle that will serve the greater good. The master number twenty-two contains the superpower of dream materialization with incredible perception and intuition, with access to a dream/vision world and the ability to ground it down into reality through a system of rounded tangible effort, work, and action.

You get intuitive insights that guide you like the North Star in the physical world. Be the dream materialization architect by taking the vision and solidifying it in the physical world so all of us can enjoy a new foundation and way of experiencing living life. You uniquely create your own reality. You must follow your North Star and dare to be different. You are the trailblazer, trendsetter, and master builder who possess certain gifts, strengths, and weaknesses others do not.

Whatever this number thinks about is almost sure to become a reality; therefore, it is exceedingly important to choose your thoughts carefully. If you are willing to work for what you desire, you can achieve enormous prestige, success, and fame and are endowed with many exceptional powers. You have a unique talent for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality.

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