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We all have strengths and unique perspectives gifted to us by our Number Frequencies through our Birth Date and Name. We grow up thinking the rest of the world views or should view the world through our own eyes.

When the world doesn’t reflect back to us a view that we can understand, we build a defense wall as a contrast mechanism to shut out undetected  information to protect us or we simply adapt to our surroundings by becoming someone we aren’t in order to blend in for fear of being labeled “misunderstood”.

When we do any of these behaviors, we fail to honor out truth, we give our Power away and make a choices that won’t serve our Higher Self.  Have you ever examined a belief that you’ve had or still have that if you asked yourself where it originated, you couldn’t remember?

Many of our beliefs stem from the characteristics of our Number Frequencies. When we begin to understand our true values and unique qualities, we can better choose how they can support us instead of limit us. We can become better people and set an example of excellence in the areas of our lives that mean the most to us.

This happened to me and when I examined where the belief came from, it opened a door where I started questioning all my beliefs especially the ones that were holding me back from evolving into the best version of myself. This is my story;

One day, I was visiting my mentor and mentioned how disappointed I was about a few things going on in my life at the time. After listening to me, he sat with some considerable silence and finally said, “Where did you get the belief that life was fair?’

I was instantly filled with self righteousness and contempt but honestly couldn’t answer him in the moment. I just KNEW that life was supposed to be fair. Wasn’t it?

I left him obsessed with finding out the answer to his question. I had expectations, unrealistic expectations based on my Soul Life Path Number 11/2. The lower part of this frequency, gives me the vision and desire for peace and balance in the world around me. I held a deep and intimate desire for the world to be fair, just and balanced but the truth is that the world is not always in alignment with my desire and this was causing me some conflict.

Once I realized that my expectations were unrealistic, I was willing to drop my backpack of disappointments and live a lighter perspective. I acknowledged that my “vision” of a fair and balanced world was within me and the best I could do was to become the Change that I wanted to see in the world. 

Every Number Frequency has their own unique way of looking and dealing with life and once you understand the value and qualities that you are working with on a daily basis, the easier it is to define how they can best serve you toward a more productive future.

I encourage you to “Uncover & Discover your Soul Life Agreement” by understanding your number frequencies and how they affect your belief systems so that you can be in alignment with all areas of your life. Your Number Frequencies are a support system to your own personal Magic and each number carries within it, an aspect of brilliance that the Universe uses to evolve, expand and grow!

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