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The Number 555 Sequence means Change and Transformation.

Major Changes and Significant Transformations are welcoming you at this time. You have the amazing opportunity to break free and out of the chrysalis from past or present events that may have been holding you back. It is time to release your courage to uncover the exciting life you truly deserve and may have been waiting for.

There is a change beckoning you like a fast moving current of flowing water or a gentle summer breeze whispering down the mountain valleys…. there is a rising momentum summoning you toward a new direction and new horizon. Don’t hold back because it is in this moment that you can release your fears, doubts and any reason you may have been holding onto that would prevent you from following the lingering music that sings the lyrics to try something different, adopt a fresh perspective and have the faith that you are being divinely guided into a brand new phase of your life.

Triple 5’s is a wake-up call from Higher Wisdom to get your chi moving, open your heart a little more and spring forth to take action around something you have been hesitating or procrastinating about. Sit quietly with a candle lit and summon your inner witness. Ask yourself what it is that you need to be doing in order to advance, inspire and expand your soul(?)

Your Personal Freedom is asking for the next dance and would like you to take control of your life while waltzing through the next phase of your development. Be excited and welcome the flames of transformation to ignite your passion and creativity so that you can manifest your highest imaginations into reality. Now THAT is the power of 555!

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