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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact date of Birth in Egyptian Numerology. It is often referred to as your Character Number and reveals your Personality Traits, Souls Passion and Character Behaviors. It works directly with your Soul Life Path Number by influencing particular challenges for you to overcome and it is associated to the enhancement of the direction in life you are meant to follow.

This Number shows you what your Soul has been urging you to accomplish in this lifetime….

The best way to utilize your Soul Urge Number is by being able to determine your natural gifts and abilities and turn your strongest challenges into your greatest strengths. Because your Soul Urge Number is directly related to your Soul Life Path Number, you can use it to attract the highest opportunities to bring you happiness, abundance and overall well being.

If you were born on the 4th Day of the Month, my name for you is the “Cultivator” and your attributes are; Solid, Structure, Strength, and Manifestation

CULTIVATOR: The number four naturally balances and cultivates our elements, and because of their innate ability to understand the qualities in air, earth, fire, water, and ether, they are the natural healers of our planet. Four is the multiple of two and beholds the essence of the first three numbers with stability, perseverance, and loyalty.

The Soul Urge Number Four people like routines and order. They are intelligent, creative and self expressive plus they tend to have solid ethics & values which makes them excellent workers in any field. They have a rare ability to be healers because on a deeper level, they understand the elements of our planet and how they inter-relate to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

To Learn More about your Soul Urge Number and how it interacts with your Soul Life Agreement, Visit my Website

WRITTEN BY SARA BACHMEIER from the Book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into the 5th Dimension”


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