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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact Date of Birth in Egyptian Numerology and can be used to describe your Character Behavior, Souls Passion and Personality Traits. It can be the chief instigator to your life’s challenges and is associated with your Soul Life Path Number. This frequency is what your soul has been urging you to accomplish in this lifetime.

I describe you Soul Life Path as the direction that you chose to take in this lifetime and your Soul Urge describes the lenses in which you have chosen to view the world while you are on your Path.

Your Soul Urge is the fire underneath your feet and the chief motivator you use to adjust the sails in the direction of your destination. It is an important factor to understand when staying in alignment with your Soul Life Mission because once you understand your Soul Urge and Soul Life Path relationship, you gain respect for the warrior that you truly are.

When you use these tools for your advantage, you know what you have to offer the world and where you need to ask for help. You become the master of your fate and the captain of your ship.

When I work with members in my program, we take a look at your Soul Life Path and where you are standing in the present moment and all the factors that got you “here”. We then take a look at where you are being called to go and what might be blocking your Path and “why”?

Your Soul Urge Number will tell us what you need to understand about yourself in order to achieve the best possible results for your future. Once you adjust your sails and remove the debris from your path, we call upon the wind (Spirit) to move you along.


Main Attributes are; Higher Wisdom, Channel, Genius and Creative

Solitary confinement is a sure way to protect your treasure of higher wisdom, intuition, and psychic abilities. You are the genius and the seeker among us. There is a etheric library connection with planetary and inter-dimensional universes within you. Your abilities allow you to teach us about our relationship with the past, present, future, paranormal, reincarnation, and planetary and geographic gateways.

The Soul Urge Number Seven individuals are usually found in small groups of people. They are very intuitive, intelligent and have the unique quality to connect with the Spirit Realm. They are adventurous when it comes to elevating their self awareness and can often be found communing in the wilderness because of the limitless lessons it has to offer. They are soul seekers and can have the innate ability to channel Higher Wisdom as second nature which allows them to freely explore the realms of the outer/inner worlds.

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