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Building Self Confidence is about making and keeping promises to oneself. It is not abut staying complacent, secure and stagnant. Life is for taking risks; big or small that further our development as human beings and staying focused on our goals, path, purpose and destiny which will bring us closer to the best version of ourselves.

We lose our way when we listen to others who can’t possibly know who we truly are and their advice that does not resonate with our truth. We create best when we forge our efforts from our imagination fueled with passion and desire while bringing these into our reality.

Self Confidence is the knowing that nothing can bring us down when we stand firm in our convictions. It’s reaching for the stars when all we see are clouds. It’s having faith that we are a diamond in a sea of pearls. It’s believing that just one of our successes is more powerful than all of our failures combined.


Remembering that love is who we are and what is holding us up against all odds… and when we do THIS, we are omnipotent, all powerful and indestructible. We are all Conduits from matter to Spirit when we remain open and clear with our intentions allowing us to become a pure Channel for receiving intuition, illumination and Divine inspiration which is our Birth Right and available to us at all times.


Another attribute for the Number One is strength and true strength comes from the Inner Wisdom of belonging to a Force bigger than ourselves. When we can claim that we are more powerful than our problems and we don’t hesitate to take action, we are omnipotent and invincible. Strength is courage standing up to the face of fear. It recognizes it’s enemy and passes up the fight to win the battle. Finally, we come to the attribute of Independence merging into interdependence. 


Independence will become inter-dependence when we learn that we are stronger when sharing our magic with others. There is nothing more powerful than two Self Confident people uniting together while pulling their resources for a better cause.


The Law of Interdependence is primarily a 5th Dimension Attribute for the Number One frequency. You cannot achieve this status unless you’ve passed through the gates of independence. 

True independence is a choice and that of Honoring your authentic self above all masks of illusion and becoming a clear conduit for Divine Source to Channel through you. It requires strength, innovation and creativity and a fearless approach to demonstrate the unique qualities of thought, inspiration, imagination and motivation.

Interdependence comes from the free will and balance of giving and receiving unconditionally to anther person, place or condition without fear of losing your identity as a sovereign entity. It comes from personal integrity and the self attainment of being strong and independent enough to acknowledge the value of sharing two whole structures in order to become more profitable. 

Interdependence is moving from “Me” to “We”. It is when people choose to need each other. They decide, based on their will not on their weaknesses, to merge their lives. They choose to create a unified life out of recognition that it is better than a life lived independently. An interdependent couple does not need each other; they want each other. They understand that “We” is better than “Me”.

Interdependence is a very High Virtue to strive for, practice and truly life. It contains the ability to function in a healthy relationship not only in romantic partnerships but friendships, business and family. It does not take two to Tango – I challenge you to become the change the world has been waiting for and step through the gates of Independence and into Interdependence. 

Written by  Sara Bachmeier

Egyptian Numerology @

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