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The arithmancy of our birth names is the process in numerology of assigning a numeric calculation value to each letter of the alphabet. Our birth certificate names are as important as our birth dates. We decode the specific meanings within our names through the dynamic process of arithmancy.

Some people think that because our birth dates and birth names are chosen for us—as in planned cesarean births and the names that generally our parents settle on—there may not be anything sacred about these them, but the ancients believe that nothing is random.

Meaning of the Consonants in Our Names

The personality or expression number is the arithmancy of the consonants in one’s birth certificate name. Our expressions define how we bring the heart’s desire into manifestation in the material world. The vowels maintain the fluidity of our names, and the consonants are the forms by which the vowels are expressed.

The personalities are like the clothes we wear; they protect us, define us, or both. Personas are complements to the inner aspects of our selves. They portray our personal style and behaviors and how we imagine and present ourselves to the world on both the conscious and the unconscious levels.

Our expressions describe learned behaviors and how we use them to express our essential selves. Our personas are built from experience, which is feedback the universe gives us about our choices, feelings, thoughts, words, and actions. This is especially important in the analysis of how present we are in the process of creating our destinies.

Our heart’s desire numbers are the essences of our true selves, and our personality numbers are the frequencies at which we choose the world to view us. These are our full expressions of being humans in the physical form. They are how we protect, express, and manifest our .

Once we understand the essences of these frequencies, we appreciate the magic and source of power used to influence the outside world and evaluate the gifts and talents used when expressing our creativity.

The personality or expression number is the initial vibration that people, animals, environments, plants, and spirits pick up from us organically. It is the base energy they use to psychically tell whether we are authentic about who we are, what we are doing, and our true intentions. If we are not in alignment with these frequencies, they will sense it, and something will just feel off.

These are our energetic personality blueprints, and when we are in integrity with the vibrations we emit, our auras strengthen, expand, and become brighter. People, animals, and the environment around us will feel invited, interested, and attracted. They will trust, feel safe around, and open up to us naturally.


The Expression number is the sum total of the consonants in a name. Reduce the total to a single digit unless it is a Master Number. Use the arithmancy conversion chart below. The letter Y is used as a consonant except when it is the first letter in a person’s first or last name, such as Yolanda, Yvon, or Yvette. The letter Y is considered a vowel if there are no other vowels in the name, such as Bly or Flynn.

JOHN EVANS DOE/ 1+8+5+4+5+1+4= 28 (2+8=10) TOTAL=1

A J S – 1 B K T – 2 C L U – 3 D M V – 4 E N W – 5 F O X – 6 G P Y – 7 H Q Z – 8 I R – 9


There is nothing you cannot handle. You have had to face fear so often in your life that you instinctively understand its purpose. The more you face your fears head-on, the more you will know what does need to be feared and what does not. This makes you courageous, intelligent, and compassionate. You may have to work hard at building this level of confidence but when you do, you will experience a massive shift of consciousness. Your emotions will become your power instead of your weakness, and you will develop a much deeper appreciation of your purpose as a human being. Number nines are visionaries, healers, psychics, and artists as portrayed in the tarot of the hermit, which depicts the number nine as a wise old man. One hand bears a lantern of sagacity that lights the way and the other hand holds a staff of authority to steady his feet. As he stands in the wastelands, he breathes a sigh—the burdens of the shaman, the walker between worlds will sometimes lead a life of reclusion. That moment of silence is also one of prayer where the hermit listens to the voice of the Divine, then returns to the world with that message. They are channels to Higher Wisdom.

The number nine is the warrior and the wounded healer. You are the protector, walker of light, and integrity. Any person that stands next to you is protected and guaranteed integrity without judgment or fear. When the number nine appears in your chart, you have come to earn a completion. This is why forgiveness, compassion, integrity, justice, higher wisdom, and selfless service have been important to you. They are all tools needed for your ascension to the next level of your existence. Being a wounded healer may be necessary for you to overcome challenges you consented to before your birth.

You have a tendency to be a recluse or entertain a hermit lifestyle mainly because inherently you don’t want to accumulate more drama/karma. Those with the expression number nine gift the world with sage wisdom and incredible kindness, reminding us that by allowing our own divine light to shine, we can change the world. This energy is that of the greater good.

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