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Master Numbers have a sojourn quite different from those of the rest of the population. Their path is called a wounded healer, and many will experience the journey of the dark night of the soul at least once in their lifetimes. In fact, in Egyptian numerology, there are specific past-life insights to all the numbers, but these distinct individuals incarnated to lift the consciousness of humankind through their unique and courageous soul-life agreements.

Egyptian numerology lives under the premise that we all made a contract before birth to come into this lifetime to achieve specific goals and walk certain paths, and this information can be decoded through the number frequencies given in our birth dates and names. Under this theory, we chose these specific number vibrations to be born through and all the karmic hardships in our lifetimes so we could overcome these difficulties and help heal the world in qualified areas.

All master numbers are endowed with many powers from within, significant strengths, and many more challenges than other numbers. People with these numbers normally realize early in life that they have the capacity to accomplish a great deal with relatively little effort.

They contain superpowers hidden within their frequencies and are here to obtain personal power and spiritual evolution and, most of all, to be healers for the wounded through their own personal transformations. They will undergo the difficulties and challenges that only a true spiritual warrior and devotional disciple of higher wisdom could ever dream of combating in one lifetime.

People who carry the frequencies of master numbers may experience exceptionally painful, turbulent childhoods and must use these experiences to create a better world because of it and not despite it.

If anything, the path of master numbers is more karmic than others because they often must transcend more difficulties than other numbers to excel in the first place. As many of them are original thinkers, they often end up working alone or find themselves in a position to defend ideas against a hostile majority. They deal with obstacles that daunt the stoutest of hearts.

Only advanced souls with high spiritual directives choose to be born under these powerful frequencies. Our higher selves, angels, and spirit guides would never allow us to be born under these commanding forces unless convinced that we have the experience, stamina, foresight, and ability to use our potential wisely and for the highest good of all involved.

The true power of these numbers lies in the magic of transformation because when they transmute their challenges, they automatically raise the consciousness of the masses. Energetically and on a collective consciousness level, when one person heals from these experiences, it helps to heal hundreds of thousands of victims still held hostage by their suffering, fears, inner demons, and conflicts. Therefore, it is considered one of the highest honors given to human existence.

Past-life healing and soul awareness let you evolve faster when you heal the wounds that are constantly repeating while moving through this life with more guidance and understanding. That is powerful! In one lifetime, you hold the power to heal hundreds of past, current, and future versions of yourself. Not only that, but in healing yourself and breaking patterns, you release your ancestors and children from suffering these patterns and repair the world in the process.

This is literally one of the most profound conditions you are all here to accomplish. You are here to awaken to this potentiometer, clear these lives, and birth a new earth—a place where people are raised in love, awareness, healing, and soul. The beginning of your real-life utopia, new earth, and the salvation of humanity always starts with yourself.


Your soul path is the total of your birth date, birth month, and birth year reduced to a single digit unless it is a Master Number of 11, 22, 33, 44 …

There are several ways to calculate your Soul Life Path Number but the basic way I teach is to add your day, month and year.






TOTAL = 1999 = 1+9+9+9= 28 add 2+8=10 = 1


Sensitivity, Empathy, Intuition, Awareness and Creativity are your strongest gifts if you hold this Master Number as your Life Path.

Water is an important element to the number 33. Water is a cleansing component very helpful to people with high sensitivity. It helps to wash your energy field, clear your chakras, and calm your nervous system.

It is a huge responsibility for this master Number to empower their sensitivity and empathic abilities by taking responsibility for their energy.

Besides being a channel for spirit, you express yourself best through teaching others. Your superpower is that of communication and self expression. I often call the Master Number 33/6 the “Spirit Dancer.”

You have a childlike wonder and curiosity that is filled with joy, love, and beauty. Your intuition and empathy keep you connected to your friends, family, and community. We may find you in the healing, advising, or creative fields, where caring and nurturing others predominates your other skills.

I call the number six the “lighthouse” because it is a beacon of light here on Earth, attracting others toward the truth and ingenuity of their own divine nature. Master number thirty-three adds up to the number six and in its purest form is a higher manifestation of the number six. The qualities of the six frequency are what you will be experiencing until you mature (around the age of forty years or older) and will evolve into the magic properties of the thirty-three.

Those on the number 6 path are being asked to come back into their authentic path and be true to themselves in several avenues. This is influenced by Chiron, a comet that orbits the Sun, revealing their power to process trauma and suffering so that they can in turn heal others. Chiron represents the saying “Heal thyself” and points to the wounded healer.

These people are often masked as light workers. A light worker is essentially a person, a soul who incarnates into physical form and is dedicated to shining light into the world. He or she anchors the higher dimensional light of Spirit and Divine into the physical realm to help others usher forth transformation on earth. They are here to bring earth out of darkness and into greater levels of light, connection, peace, harmony, and authenticity.

Light workers are driven to understand the world better by seeking out extreme experiences. Many are wounded healers and have experienced the dark night of the soul at least once in their lifetimes. With these experiences comes great empathy, which causes them to feel what others feel very deeply. This gives them leverage to develop their healing abilities to fulfill their true purpose in their lifetimes.

They often do not fit into traditional authority models or modern workplace structures, and they do not feel comfortable in them. This is largely due to their antiauthoritarian nature. Internally, they have a strong resistance to anything that places value on the dark side of power or hierarchy, and this prompts a rebellious response from them.

Expression, beauty, and development are important to them, and they gravitate to energy outlets such as writing or the arts to release their creative nature and serve as a voice for humanity. It is common for them to be drawn into activities that nurture their spirituality, and this can be anything from meditating or spending time in nature to reading self-help books.

When light workers are enlightened and self-actualized, they recognize this drive as their true purpose in life and find their own fulfillment in guiding themselves and others toward spiritual insights.

Thirty-three is the number of the master teacher and healer. This energy brings the following statement to light: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Yours is the path of divine expression and the power of the spoken word. The master number thirty-three guides, heals, directs, and restores people with its altruistic powers and rather high energy. You have the gift of imagination, dream materialization, and illumination, which are the accumulations of all three master numbers combined.

Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Your soul life path includes raising awareness and consciousness, uplifting and bringing joyful loving energy to the world. By balancing your thirty-three energy here on Earth, you are bringing the world to the state of order.

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