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Our Soul Life Path is our resonance frequency. It is the vibration that we signal to the Universe to attract and deliver specific people, places, things, events, and circumstances to develop our inner hero and become the best version of ourselves moving forward.

This E-book is about your Soul Life Path and the Archetype, inner-hero, and power that lies within. 

Our “Inner Hero” is our higher self-beckoning us toward our true calling in life, our purpose and reason why we are here. Now, nobody else can hear this voice but you. It is your calling and meant for your ears only.  Nobody will offer you your life purpose on a silver platter or give you the golden map. That is your job. You must find your inner voice again and listen. 

Heroic stories have been a part of every culture throughout history.

Our human exploration is a journey from beings who long to attain power in the physical world to beings who attain empowerment from within themselves. Our heroes clearly demonstrate how to awaken that inner wisdom. A hero endures life, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities only by exploring and using this inner intelligence. Our calling insists that we learn from these experiences and apply these lessons to our growth and spiritual evolution.


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