Egyptian Numerology is ever evolving as the energy of the planet continues to grow through rapid phases of development. The definitions within the numbers like us also expand as we seek deeper meaning and instructions from the universe. If we remain locked in old patterns and ways of seeing things, we are not allowing ourselves the privilege of emerging with the progress we incarnated to make.

 In this book I am going to share with you a brand new numeric calculation that will help you advance to a higher understanding of who you are and why you came here.  The Sacred Oracle word is our Birth Name and within the calculation of your birth name, we have the Conscious Awareness number. 

The Conscious Awareness Number is a highly evolved numeric signature code that helps individuals thrive on their spiritual journey. It only appears to those that are ready to transcend their energy to a higher state of consciousness. It is my hope that we all pull back the veils of illusion and step into our light, our power, and our natural state of being.  

Our Birth name is our Sacred Oracle word Given to us at birth. In my book The Path of the Wounded Healer, this chapter is dedicated to the meaning of our birth name. Our first name is our social name, our middle name is our soul name and our last name is our hereditary name.

What I didn’t list in this chapter is the total calculation of our first, middle, and last name which in Egyptian nameology is called our Conscious Awareness number.

E-Book on The Sacred Oracle Word, includes our Conscious Awareness Number; the meaning and definition of your name frequency, and the Elementals and Archangels closely linked to your Birth name helping you to transcend further in your spiritual path. 

 It shows you how to calculate your birth name and the meaning of each individual aspect of your name including your first, middle and last. And now I have added the Conscious Awareness number which lists the lesson each number must transcend and master during the process.