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Service Description

Egyptian Numerology teaches us that it is not the experience in life that defines us but rather our reaction to the experience. It takes the number frequencies that are given to you on your date of birth and through your birth name. This reveals a road map or contract that you signed up for before our incarnation into our current life. There is an innate wisdom we all carry deep inside of us that resonates with the greatness that we truly are and the pure uncut version of who we are in Spirit manifesting physical vibrational form. It is the part of us that is attracted to supernatural phenomena, the sacred holy mysteries, the divine within nature, number sequencing and synchronicity, and the intuitive connection we have with our Angels and Guides. It calls to you at night in your dreams, and in the untampered moments when you are free of thoughts. And if you are listening to me now, it is calling for your attention. You are slowly remembering who you are and the lovely superpowers you chose to be born with to support you on your life path during this journey of mystery called life. Yes, you are awakening to your true essence and the ultimate magic that only you possess. This is Definitely the Most Popular reading with a full comprehensive study of your Soul Life Agreement from your Birth date and name. This Chart consists of 7 Categories; Soul Urge (date of birth), Soul Life Path (day, month & year of birth), Karmic Lessons (Egyptian Numerology Astrological Chart), Soul Life Purpose (life path & karmic lesson), Heart's Desire (arithmancy of vowels in birth name), Expression/ Personality (arithmancy of consonants in birth name) and Destiny Number (total of vowels & consonants in birth name) Frequencies from your Date of Birth & Birth Certificate Name. These results are for True Spiritual Warriors!

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To cancel or reschedule a appointment please contact me within 24 hours of appointment at Thank you, Sara Bachmeier

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