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EMAIL - PDF version of your Birth Chart

  • 30 min
  • 57 US dollars

Service Description

The veils of density and birth amnesia separating the spirit world from humanity have been thinning over the past several decades, and ancient wisdom is being unearthed from many cultures around the world. We know these truths by listening to our hearts and trusting our inner guidance. No longer bound to churches and religions to advance our spiritual directives, we are free to connect with the divine independently. When utilizing number frequencies to their fullest potential, you must know that everything is connected and be willing to open your mind to the vault of knowledge available to us. This report is emailed to you via PDF form. Allow 48 hours for delivery. *** Your Birth Chart includes: Soul Urge (day of birth), Soul Life Path (day, month, & year of birth) Karmic Lesson (Egyptian Numerology Astrological Chart), and Soul Life Purpose (total of your life path & karmic lesson) numbers. Together, these amazing frequencies decoded off your birth date tell us a story about your gifts, abilities, talents, the direction your life is going, and the challenges you encounter. Your Karmic Lessons are calculated off an ancient astrological chart exclusive to Egyptian Numerology. Your Soul Life Purpose is calculated through your life path and your karmic lessons. These numbers give you clarity to who you are in spirit manifesting vibrational form here in this incarnation.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a appointment please contact me within 24 hours of appointment at Thank you, Sara Bachmeier

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