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  • 59 US dollars

Service Description

Your soul path describes the direction your life will take, what challenges you will encounter, and the opportunities you will come across. It tells you what your life journey will look like and how you connect with the outside world. The life path and the numbers derived from it represent the traits and talents you were born with. There are magnetic forces that draw to you various vibrations, events, and circumstances throughout your life, and all of these are influenced by your soul life path number. Your Soul Life Path responds to Universal cycles that you created before birth. Just in case you forget where you came from, you used numbers and their frequencies to trigger awakenings within your psyche. The most influential cycle that changes every year is your Personal year number. When you are in alignment with the vibration of your Personal year number, you become the captain of your ship directing the winds behind your sails! This reading covers both, your Soul Life Path and Your Personal Year Numbers. We discuss in detail where you are on your life path and how you can use your Personal Year Number to get closer to what you would like to achieve and more. Your Personal Year vibration is the same as your life path on the day you are born and goes through a 9 year cycle. In this reading, you will learn when your Personal year starts and when it is the strongest and most productive. *** HINT - In theory, our Personal Year Number starts at the beginning of the New Year but from my own experience, the power of our Personal Year Number starts to emerge a few months prior at about mid- September and we actually begin to experience the manifestation of this energy in January. That is why it is important to set our intentions around the fall equinox because the energy builds in the quiet gestation of the inward cycle of the seasons.

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To cancel or reschedule a appointment please contact me within 24 hours of appointment at Thank you, Sara Bachmeier

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