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  • 1 hour
  • 247 US dollars

Service Description

When Aligning with your Soul Life Agreement, you are opening yourself up and making room for your Twin Flame connection. If you are already in a relationship with your Twin Flame, then this process will make it easier to blend in your union. It is thought that a twin flame love is a relationship that is made up of two people who share the same soul. Because of this, they are quite literally, on all levels, your ‘other half’. The twin flame dynamic is often referred to as a ‘mirror’ soul. When you meet your twin flame, there will likely be a sense of immense energy, a sense of recognition and instant connection. Some people claim to have memories of having seen them before in dreams or having seen them during meditations. There seems to be a common experience of feeling like you have known each other forever. There is a magnetic Attraction and you feel intensely drawn to each other. You can actually feel this not just emotionally but often physically. It is all pervading and dynamically strong. You will be in alignment with your life goals and share the same passions or have similar ideas and desires to help or heal others & the planet. This is often referred to as a ‘joint mission’. That is why this reading is so important. It has helped people understand the shared purpose they have with their twin flames. This reading is divided into 3 categories. I soul-map each person separately so you can get a clear view of how each individual has unique abilities and karmic lessons and then I take you through the shared soul-map to explain how you can best support each other on your Soul Life Journey. It is an extensive reading and a quite outstanding experience that brings clarity, direction, and immense compassion for the two hearts as one. This reading is for married couples, romantic partners, children, friends or family members that desire to know their shared path, purpose and destinies. We cover karmic lessons and what gifts, abilities and talents each individual brings into the relationship and how to best move forward to support each other on their journey together. This reading is designed for two people. Add extra $37.00 for each addition person.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule a appointment please contact me within 24 hours of appointment at Thank you, Sara Bachmeier

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