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Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura—“Lustrous Gem” 

This center is located between the naval and the solar plexus and up to the breastbone. It is our personal power center and is responsible for courage, willpower, confidence, self-esteem, and our warrior energy. The Third chakra allows us to transform stillness into motion and inertia into action. It is the center where we face our challenges and move upward and forward in a continuous non-restrictive flow. It also represents our will, power, desire, courage, creativity, passion, lust, enthusiasm, and force. This center is linked to clairsentience and general psychic energies and experiences. When activated for psychic abilities, it can reveal the talents and capacities of other souls. It can open our attunement to the influence of nature’s elements.

BOOK MEDITATION – We call forth the lion medicine to be the beloved guardian of our solar plexus as we step into her majesty, beauty, and power. We vow to maintain and protect these qualities at all times. We thank Brother Sun for the gifts of fire and illumination and ask that we learn the ancient healing mysteries as they relate to our perfect digestion. We ask for the healing of all our organs of elimination and assimilation and much more.



Liver, pancreas, stomach, lung,adrenal gland, digestive system, gallbladder


PLANET – Mercury

SEASON – Autumn

COLOR – Yellow / Gold

ANIMAL – Lion/ Puma/ Cougar

Cougar – “Coming into your Own Power”

Power, Loyalty, Leadership & Family

From the gods of ancient Greece to the goddesses of Egypt, from Hinduism to Buddhism, family crests and coat of arms, Lion has long been embraced as a symbol of strength, courage and dignity. Sacred protector of thrones, palaces and shrines, Lion is the guardian of our quest to live our highest values in life. In the ancient art of alchemy, Lion symbolizes the purified attributes of gold. 

The Cougar teaches decisiveness in the use of personal power. When it attacks, it does not hesitate. When threatened, it goes for the most vulnerable place. The cougar can teach you how to bring out your power and fill your heart with it in a manner that will enable you to take charge of your life. You will find you can use it to defend yourself or to attack – with equal effectiveness. Cougar teaches you how to take charge of your life and your circumstances most effectively. 

When Lion comes to you he comes with a call to awaken a power within that is your birthright. Not through struggle, forcefulness or contrived effort but through the simple expression of your True Self, ignited deep within. 

Lion is leadership and abundance. Lion is loyalty to the calling of our heart. Speak your truth. Embody your strengths. Honor your gifts and the gifts of others within the balance of work and pleasure. Solitude and togetherness. Be the Lion you are. 

AFFIRMATION: I Honor myself above all others

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