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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact Day of Birth in Egyptian Numerology. It is often referred to as your Character Number and reveals your gifts, talents, Souls Passion. It works directly with your Soul Life Path Number by influencing particular challenges for you to overcome and talents to develop.

This number shows you what your soul is urging you to accomplish in this lifetime. It exposes the gifts, abilities and full potential of the talents you were born with that will most prominently guide your life path in this incarnation. Knowing, developing, and using these character traits to strengthen your path will clear the way for your purpose to reveal itself.

The best way to utilize your Soul Urge Number is by being able to determine your natural gifts and turn your strongest challenges into your Greatest Strengths. Your Soul Urge Number is directly related to your Soul Life Path Number and offers your highest opportunity toward happiness and abundance.

Your Soul Urge number is active from the moment you draw your first breath of air and stays as the dominating energy featured in your life until the age of 36. After the age of 36, your Destiny frequency merges into place making it important to develop your abilities, talents and gifts before this time. You were born with these qualities and they are meant to be developed in order to navigate your path, purpose and destiny.



Communication, Joy, Sensitivity, and Self-Awareness

The expression of the three connects man and woman to a Higher Source, and this is called the Holy Trinity. The power of the triangle is unstoppable when the current of all three numbers are connected. The number one is the conduit and demonstrates the ever flowing current of life, the number two symbolizes the sacred balance of man and woman, and the number three invites Source to direct your way of life.

The number three represents the divine principle underlining the course of life such as; mind/body/spirit, birth/life/death, beginning/middle/end, past/present/future, maiden/mother/crone.

The number three is divine expression in all communication.

The messenger has a special gift through channeling Higher Source and delivering this energy through communication. When you are connected to Spirit and centered in your heart, you offer the world an opportunity to receive higher wisdom. We rely on your gift to keep us centered and aligned with the power from the higher realms.


In Egyptian Numerology, there are 3 major Numeric calculations that reveal your innate gifts, talents, and potential. These specific attributes were chosen by you before birth to support you on your Soul Life Path and journey. When you discover, align, and develop these Super-Powers, you are on the road to becoming your very own Inner Hero. These powers are a part of you and will lay dormant until activated. Follow the Link Below to Learn More:

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