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Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

Egyptian Numerology is the Alchemy of Ancient Wisdom, Frequencies of Numbers, and the position of the planets transforming our lives toward prosperity, love, and overall well-being. Working with the magical resonance of Numbers transmutes lead into gold as challenges melt into pivotal opportunities.

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Sara Bachmeier

Meet Sara Bachmeier, an Egyptian Numerologist, and a true master of the mystical art of numbers. With two books under her belt, "Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension" and "The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking," she is a leading authority in the field.

Sara's approach is not just about numbers but about the transformative powers of Egyptian Numerology. She offers a unique range of services, including Private chart readings online, a Mentor-ship Program called "Manifest Your Destiny," and a monthly Group Coaching Program called "Unlock Your SuperPowers."

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Sara had her first spiritual awakening at the tender age of 14. Since then, she has dedicated herself to discovering the hidden secrets of the universe and helping others on their path to enlightenment.

Today, she resides in Sedona, Arizona, where she writes, conducts workshops, and works individually with clients. Sara is recognized as the pre-eminent expert in Egyptian Numerology in North America, an Ascension Coach, and a healer. She loves to work with numeric energies and play in the Higher Dimensions.

Through experience, wisdom, encouragement, and love, 

her mission is help people find their Spiritual Calling and prepare them for their personal Ascension. 

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sara is a Certified Egyptian Numerologist, holds an Associate in Science and Art degree, and is certified in C.C.M.B.A. and C.C.M.S.C. healing techniques. Whether you're looking for personal guidance or seeking to unlock your full potential, Sara Bachmeier is the one to turn to.

Egyptian Numerology Vs. Classical Numerology


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