Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life

Egyptian Numerology is the Alchemy of Ancient Wisdom, Frequencies of Numbers, and the position of the planets transforming our lives toward prosperity, love, and overall well-being. Working with the magical resonance of Numbers transmutes lead into gold as challenges melt into pivotal opportunities.

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About  The Author

Sara Bachmeier, born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, experienced her first spiritual awakening at fourteen and became a devoted seeker.

Bachmeier earned an associate degree and owned a pres-school. She teaches and holds an array of certifications, including Egyptian Numerology, women’s self-defense, postpartum depression, children's literature, complete cellular mind body alignment and activation (C.C.M.B.A), and complete cellular soul memory clearing (C.C.S.M.C).

Bachmeier lives in Arizona where she conducts workshops, writes, and works with clients. She has been giving psychic readings and charting Egyptian Numerology since 2016.

"I am THE pre-eminent expert in Egyptian Numerology, and have written several best-sellers on the subject. I'm also a coach and healer, and I love to work with energies and play in the higher dimensions. It would be an honor to work directly with you to accelerate your transformation and assist you in truly Manifesting Your Destiny".

Egyptian Numerology Vs. Classical Numerology