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Every day we are faced with choices and everyday we make choices based on our experience with fear or courage. What separates a challenge from an opportunity?

In my experience, it is the deep desire to find peace within my life and when I’ve had enough suffering, I am willing to let go of resistance and search for a truth that can hold my head up above water. 

When the dark night of the soul knocks once or twice in a person’s life, it can be easy to become swallowed within the abyss of death. This can take the face of depression, anxiety or just a series of bad decisions  hoping to find a little pleasure within a momentary release. 

I have written several articles on Egyptian Numerology and a few of them are published in “Law of Attraction” magazine. The one thing that interviewers want to know are about my struggles and challenges that I have faced in my life and especially how Egyptian Numerology helped me overcome them.

I understand that this is important information to share and it also makes for juicy material that sells but I don’t share these things lightly not even for a quick sale. I am a private person and I really don’t like getting caught up in my “story” for a couple of good reasons. One is that the events no longer run my life even though I am grateful for the experiences because I would not be who I am today without them and the second reason is because the details are graphically horrific and not something that I casually describe to the public although I do mention them in my second book “The Path of the Wounded Healer”, Liberation is for the asking” which is soon to be published because it pertains to the topic and the title of my book.

 I’ve decided to share with you a small portion of my story today because I feel that it might help you understand a little bit more about me and my journey and why I am involved in Egyptian Numerology.

   My life living under the ramifications from the Master Number 11/2 found me at the age of 12, abducted by racial gang members where I was tortured sexually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I was threatened not to expose these monsters or my family would be killed and our house would be burned down. They stalked me day and night often putting dead animals in our mailbox and  following me to school threatening me at knife point. 

  I lived with this “secret” for fifteen years and in the meantime, I covered my fear and anxiety with drugs and alcohol. 

You could say my childhood and innocence ended early but my search for a meaning to life had just begun. It took me deep into the psychology of the soul where I studied metaphysics, astrology, numerology, the teachings of the ascended masters and eastern philosophy. 

These chain of events didn’t destroy me but instead  set a course for me to follow that wouldn’t have taken place if the circumstances were different. 

At the age of 28 (my first Saturn Return) I started my recovery from  drug and alcohol addiction and found a set of spiritual principles to live by. I cleaned up, asked for help and allowed my deep desire to find meaning to my life lead me to Egyptian Numerology. It was here that I was able to make sense of my life. 

I studied the number frequencies of my birth chart and the arithmancy of my Birth Name. In this process,  I discovered what My Soul life Contract Agreement is and finally had the answers to not only why things happened but the lessons that