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Know Thyself, and Thou Shalt Know the Universe

What I’ve learned is that there are no negative and positive astrological or numerological signs to be born into; these are just wonderful, glorious tools we can use to explore, expand, and express our unique blueprints, which brings us to the discussion of duality. Duality exists for balance between the positive and negative; one cannot live without the other. To understand duality truly, one must evolve beyond it. If you’re living in duality, you are living with the possibility of judgment, unless you are observing as just a witness. One might ask, “How can I live without duality? How do I live without the effects of positive and negative, yin and yang, white and black, off and on, hot and cold?” And really, the only answer to this is love. When we stop having the need to define differences and to label our experiences, and when we are willing to accept life as perfect exactly as it is, then these binaries naturally disappear from our vocabulary and we elevate to a much higher dimension. This is easier said than done, I know, but practicing the tools of Egyptian numerology and believing in the evolution into the fifth dimension is not only a possibility; it is a reality. I am here to bring you closer to your highest path, purpose, and destiny. It all starts with a vision.

It is within the fifth dimension that I chart Egyptian numerology. This higher level will direct you to your innate abilities, direction, and path. If you are not vibrating at these higher frequencies, I suggest that you ask yourself, “Where am I coming from, and where do I want to go?” If you truly desire to follow your divine purpose, this elevation can lead you where you want to be. I’ve used numbers and my relationship with numbers as a guide in my life to show me where I am and where I can go. I don’t see numbers; I feel numbers vibrating on a cellular level.

I use numbers as guidelines, road-maps, and markers for events in my life. If interpreted correctly, the frequency of numbers can be more accurate than the GPS that is widely attainable today. (I love GPS, by the way.) If astrology and numerology are not used as a positive reinforcement in your life, then you are not accurately accessing the true source of magic hidden within these powerful divining tools.

How did Egyptian numerology help me? People often ask me this question, and although I always try to answer with the best of intentions, I find that it is an ongoing process. I can say that when I found this technique, I was feeling a little stuck, hazy, and unclear about what the next phase of my life would look like. I had just moved out of state, I was in a new relationship, and nothing in my life looked familiar. When an Egyptian numerology course opened up, I was a little intrigued but didn’t think I would learn anything new. I went to the seven-day intensive workshop with an open mind, curious heart, and energetic body. I was surprised that it assisted me in the clarification of my previous path by showing me how my instincts, desires, abilities, and visions were all a part of my DNA. I feel that this was necessary for me to be secure in moving forward in a new and unfamiliar direction. I’ve always loved the saying “Hindsight is always twenty/twenty.” It served as a soul validation and smoothed the bumpy patch of road I was on, making it clear for me to climb my next mountain. It validated that I was right on target, and I felt it. Egyptian numerology became an amazing modality for me not only to express myself but also to guide people toward their mountain paths.

I love the fact that just in case we forgot who we are and where our paths are in life, we have clues hidden in our DNA blueprints. These can be found in iridology, palmistry, astrology, numerology, and more. These are all ways that we can identify the clues to our blueprints so we can find our way back home. It can tell us

• who we are,

• where we came from,

• what our paths are now,