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Master Numbers have a sojourn quite different from those of the rest of the population. Their path is called a wounded healer, and many will experience the journey of the dark night of the soul at least once in their lifetimes. In fact, in Egyptian numerology, there are specific past-life insights to all the numbers, but these distinct individuals incarnated to lift the consciousness of humankind through their unique and courageous soul-life agreements.

Egyptian numerology lives under the premise that we all made a contract before birth to come into this lifetime to achieve specific goals and walk certain paths, and this information can be decoded through the number frequencies given in our birth dates and names. Under this theory, we chose these specific number vibrations to be born through and all the karmic hardships in our lifetimes so we could overcome these difficulties and help heal the world in qualified areas.

All master numbers are endowed with many powers from within, significant strengths, and many more challenges than other numbers. People with these numbers normally realize early in life that they have the capacity to accomplish a great deal with relatively little effort.

They contain superpowers hidden within their frequencies and are here to obtain personal power and spiritual evolution and, most of all, to be healers for the wounded through their own personal transformations. They will undergo the difficulties and challenges that only a true spiritual warrior and devotional disciple of higher wisdom could ever dream of combating in one lifetime.

People who carry the frequencies of master numbers may experience exceptionally painful, turbulent childhoods and must use these experiences to create a better world because of it and not despite it.

If anything, the path of master numbers is more karmic than others because they often must transcend more difficulties than other numbers to excel in the first place. As many of them are original thinkers, they often end up working alone or find themselves in a position to defend ideas against a hostile majority. They deal with obstacles that daunt the stoutest of hearts.

Only advanced souls with high spiritual directives choose to be born under these powerful frequencies. Our higher selves, angels, and spirit guides would never allow us to be born under these commanding forces unless convinced that we have the experience, stamina, foresight, and ability to use our potential wisely and for the highest good of all involved.

The true power of these numbers lies in the magic of transformation because when they transmute their challenges, they automatically raise the consciousness of the masses. Energetically and on a collective consciousness level, when one person heals from these experiences, it helps to heal hundreds of thousands of victims still held hostage by their suffering, fears, inner demons, and conflicts. Therefore, it is considered one of the highest honors given to human existence.

Past-life healing and soul awareness let you evolve faster when you heal the wounds that are constantly repeating while moving through this life with more guidance and understanding. That is powerful! In one lifetime, you hold the power to heal hundreds of past, current, and future versions of yourself. Not only that, but in healing yourself and breaking patterns, you release your ancestors and children from suffering these patterns and repair the world in the process.

This is literally one of the most profound conditions you are all here to accomplish. You are here to awaken to this potentiometer, clear these lives, and birth a new earth—a place where people are raised in love, awareness, healing, and soul. The beginning of your real-life utopia, new earth, and the salvation of humanity always starts with yourself.


Your soul path is the total of your birth date, birth month, and birth year reduced to a single digit unless it is a Master Number of 11, 22, 33, 44 …

There are several ways to calculate your Soul Life Path Number but the basic way I teach is to add your day, month and year.






TOTAL = 1999 = 1+9+9+9= 28 add 2+8=10 = 1


All Master Numbers are incarnated with the potential of being Wounded Healers. The 22 has all the elements of Master Number 11 and in addition, has the personal ambition to manifest.

Because the lower equation of the master number 22 Is the number 4, this person must establish grounding in most areas of their life. They must learn the freedom found within stability, order, strength, and routine. The number 4 in a Master Number learns the qualities of courage before merging into the full mastery of their 22 powers. Courage requires stepping outside your comfort zones and trusting your intuition enough to take action against all odds.

Not all acts of courage need an audience. There are the spiritual acts of bravery that we succumb to when nobody is looking. These are quiet moments in seclusion when you surrender to your own truth and commit to a level of consciousness beyond your previous comprehension. It usually involves the shedding of old skin, willingness to surrender old beliefs, fears of the unknown, and willingness to grow wings to become a butterfly—the kind of courage that a caterpillar requires in the chrysalis process. It is a sojourn journey.

Perfectionism runs deep within the fibers of their being and learning how to let go of control and allow the sacred natural order of the universe to be in the driver’s seat will ease the burdens of your creative process.

When you work in tandem with Spirit, you deliver exceptional creative abilities and display your unique powers in the form of productivity and order. When in alignment with pure Source, your gift of manifestation spreads its wings to include family, friends, community, and humanity at large.

Your path is to stay focused, learn to channel higher wisdom, and build your grandest castle that will serve the greater good. The master number twenty-two contains the superpower of dream materialization with incredible perception and intuition, with access to a dream/vision world, and the ability to ground it down into reality through a system of rounded tangible effort, work, and action.

You get intuitive insights that guide you like the North Star in the physical world. Be the dream materialization architect by taking your vision and solidifying it in the physical world so all of us can enjoy a new foundation and way of experiencing living life. You uniquely create your own reality. You must follow your North Star and dare to be different. You are the trailblazer, trendsetter, and master builder who possess certain gifts, strengths, and weaknesses others do not.

Whatever this number thinks about is almost sure to become a reality; therefore, it is exceedingly important to choose your thoughts carefully. If you are willing to work for what you desire, you can achieve enormous prestige, success, and fame and are endowed with many exceptional powers. You have a unique talent for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality.

Master Number 22, known as the Master Cultivator, relating to balance, confidence, creativity, and bringing big ideas to life in the sense of productivity. Those with Master Number 22/4 are able to make their dreams a reality by harnessing unlimited potential. These individuals are hard-working, practical, and have the confidence to bring their intentions to fruition.

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