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Your Soul Urge Number is your exact Day of Birth in Egyptian Numerology and is used to describe your Character Behavior, Souls Passion and Personality traits. It is the chief instigator to your life’s challenges and is associated with your Life Path Number. This frequency is what your Soul has been “Urging” you to accomplish in this lifetime.

I describe your Soul Urge as the whisper or breath of life entering your body the moment you were born. It is the frequency of who we are in Spirit while manifesting vibrational form. This is where we view the world, it affects how we think and helps us form our unique perspectives. Understanding our Soul Urge helps us to examine the roles we play in life and why. When in sync with this vibration, we can avoid obstacles and begin to use our innate gifts & strengths to navigate our path. It is what makes us rare in group settings and can trigger how we behave or approach relationships in general.

It helped me perceive and respect the value that I bring to the table in everyday situations and it is the underlying mechanism of my thought and emotional process. I can better design my life in terms of my approach to all circumstances when I aware and using my unique gifts and potential.

The frequency of this number helps us create the direction of our Soul Life Path and gives us the freedom of choice while staying in integrity with our authentic self. It reveals how we go about bringing our “Inner Light” to others to create beneficial and fulfilling relationships. This is the frequency we CREATE from!

As with all the number frequencies, the higher our own energy level is maintained, the more powerful these forces become. Knowing and understanding these numbers in your chart will act as the driving force that can improve the quality of life, attract prosperity, nurture relationships, build careers and accelerate your spiritual growth.



25 – Explorer = channel, understanding, action, and higher wisdom

Your love of traveling and connection with people finds you with impeccable luck to be at the right place at the right time. Higher wisdom has a calling for you in faraway places; whether it is with other planets, countries, or multi-dimensions, you are compelled to visit these places and receive messages. Being a magnet of peace invites you to join the tribes of many races and learn their sacred mysteries. As you explore the depths of these enigmas, sharing the secrets are vital to expand the knowledge of a world waiting for your stories.

Never underestimate the journey of this explorer. It is because of their curiosity and fondness for adventure that they are able to inform the world about the sacred mysteries that have laid dormant among ancient civilizations whether it be in the physical or spiritual realms.

When they are connected to source, they ride the waves of divine timing and intuitively know things that most people would disregard as coincidences. They are resourceful, intelligent and considerate people that are meant to be teachers and healers on a core level.

This information and more is available in my book “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence Into the 5th Dimension”. To learn more, visit my Website;


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