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When you uplift your energy field, you tap into your Inner Being. It is this self that becomes your true authority.

It resonates with the higher beings, and you will intuitively know if the information you are receiving is authentic. This is the power greater than yourself, and when it flows through you, all that is not true simply disappears. All that is not of the light and truth of Source will fade away, and your higher self becomes one with all, the Universe.

Your Inner Being has many names and is one with all the guides, angels, and ascended Masters. So, when I ask who your authorities is, I am asking who your Higher Power is? And by what name does this force show itself through you? How are you prepared to receive it?

Your higher Source/Authority cannot be another man or woman. That just doesn’t make sense. That would mean that somehow you were made inferior in comparison to others, and that isn’t possible. We are all made equal in the eyes of Source and humankind.

Think about it. “Ye are Gods, honor yourself above all others” is an affirmation given to support our third chakra. I believe that Source speaks through other people, places, and things, and I am grateful to be open to all things possible.

As humans, we share knowledge, education, and ideas, but we don’t share each other’s power. We can empower others through our own experiences and abilities, but we don’t create power; we receive it. If we don’t create it, then we don’t have the authority to take power away from others, even if it is only in perception. True power and knowledge comes from the source of the Holy Spirit.

Men and women wrote the books I read on numerology, but I believe the source of their knowledge had to come from higher transmissions. We are all just channels pulling information out of the ether and mixing it with practical experience and education. Don’t take things for granted; always question your authority. And while you are asking questions, start becoming your own channel.

How do you know if you are experiencing your life on the fifth dimension? You will know because you will not be reacting from a place of fear. You will be flowing from what I call your “higher heart,” which is located above your beating heart in the location of your thymus gland. I call it the home of compassion, gratitude, and trust.

This dimension cannot be understood through the mind; it needs to be experienced and felt on a vibration of “knowing.”

This “knowingness” is clairaudience, (the superpower to hear) and is said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity. It becomes awakened within us. This is a heightened ability that we all have, and it becomes increasingly progressive every time we activate our superpowers.

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